In many ways I consider myself a late bloomer. Sure many attribute that to a negative connotation, but I don't. I feel like the best things take time to unfold. 

This idea of "In Bloom" came to me randomly like most ideas do. And then  

Floral Head Shot

all of a sudden, I knew what I was supposed to do with it. Every August I host a writing challenge through my email list and I realized that this was the perfect place for this sentiment. Every single day, I interact with many of you, mostly writers that are ready to blossom but just unsure of how. 

You're letting fear, anxiety, lack of experience all stand in the way of getting your true self to the world whether through your writing or just in life. 

Whether you are a writer or not, I've laid out four stages to help you bloom over the next four weeks. From seed selection, to sowing, to cultivation and harvesting. 

I am so excited to share the next four weeks with you exploring these different parts of the process. The process of blossoming is intoxicating and I think I appreciate it more because of what it took to get here. I’ve learned patience in the unfolding. I've learned the beauty in the season of sowing and I am finally harvesting the most beautiful results. I am becoming the woman and the writer, I always wanted to be. 

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With Love and Admiration, 

A Girl in Bloom.