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The Writer's Muse is a workshop that explores free writing and creative writing as a means to expand the boundaries of our creativity. Whether you are a blogger, author, copywriter, or novice, this workshop has something for writers at every stage. 

The Writer's Muse will help you: 

  • Write from a more vulnerable place. 
  • Explore the elements of storytelling.
  • Write more consistently by learning how to be inspired by every part of life. 
  • Build community with other writers. 
  • Improve your creativity.
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Summer Sessions

june 25: Confrontation & Resolve

July 30: Pouring Into the Page

august 27: Setting Intentions & Storytelling

Confrontation & Resolve

What we are afraid to confront in real life, we will often confront in our writing. It is a place of solace, a place of peace, a place of authenticity. I love the opportunity to confront myself, to confront the views of society, to confront the status quo, through my writing. That, to me is a beautiful and positive thing. 

It's natural to be afraid of what sharing your innermost thoughts can reveal, but the more that we practice, the more we confront the whole of ourselves, the easier it becomes. 

Most recently, I hosted this powerful session in Washington, DC! If you missed it, you should definitely take part! 

Pouring Into the Page

It takes a lot of courage to share transparently and authentically in our writing. But most often, that work is what connects the most with our audience. 

So how do we get the ideas, thoughts, and emotions swirling around in our heads, to translate onto paper?

In this session of The Writer's Muse, we'll take a look at what it really means to pour into the page. 

Setting Intentions & Storytelling

I love to use writing as a place to set my intentions. What do I want to achieve, who do I want to be. There is a now famous picture of Octavia Butler's journal where she wrote over and over that she would be a best-selling author and well we know the rest. 

In this session, let's explore setting intentions through writing and also the elements of storytelling. 


Join me for these two-hour summer sessions of The Writer's Muse. Typically an in-person workshop, the summer sessions will be online with a limit of 10 seats in each session on the first-come, first-served basis.  

There will be access to a replay, but I do encourage live participation. 

Each session is 7-9 PM EST 

$20 for individual sessions

$45 for all three sessions (if registered all at once)