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After having a blog for some time, you quickly realize that blogging is about a lot more than writing a few great posts. There is business to take care of if you want to see it grow!

The Curriculum

1. Permission to Write

Are you taking yourself seriously as a writer? If you really and truly want to make a career out of writing, you have to start thinking of it as a business. 

2. Connecting the Dots 

Someone is going to connect with your work. Your job is to find out who and how to share your work with them to keep them coming back. 

3. Whipping Your Schedule Into Shape

I know, a writing schedule just does not sound sexy, creative or inspirational at all. But the only way to work consistently is to get on a writing regimen and develop processes for your writing. I have some of the tools and some systems to suggest to help you be most productive.

4. Regimen Without Ruining

You still want to be inspired and I get that. You want to keep the love for writing while getting more disciplined and you can have both!

5. Revenue Streams 

Most writers do not just have one way of generating income. Let's explore some of the options available. This is where art and commerce intersect. 

6. Promotion  + Marketing

Many writers have a hard time promoting their work without feeling spammy about it. If you only want your words to live in the pages of your notebook, fine. But if you want the world to be impacted, I will provide tips on maintaining authenticity while effectively promoting your work. 

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Your Instructor - Ashley Coleman

Ashley Coleman is a writer and entrepreneur based in Philadelphia. She is the author of Dear Love and the creator of writelaughdream.com.

Discovering that many writers struggle with finding the value in their words, she began working as a writing mentor. Through personal consultations called Dreamer Sessions and her online course, The Writer, The Brand, she helps writers refine their voice and expand their reach.  

As a freelancer, she has contributed to GRAMMY.com, Essence.com, JUMP Magazine and more. 

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