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Love on Purpose Book Signing

Join writer and author Ashley M. Coleman for the release of her sophomore book, Love on Purpose. This evening will feature an intimate discussion on love and relationships and a book signing.

Copies of the book will be available on site. Limited space available.

LOVE ON PURPOSE visits the most common relationship issues and how to work through them in love; from managing unrealistic expectations to improving communication. Coleman shares honest reflections on growth, past mistakes and important lessons in love through her journey of becoming a Christian. Her accounts of learning about God’s love caused a transformation in her relationships with friends, family and her significant other. In the book she also challenges readers to do their own self-assessment through “Heart Checks” at the end of each chapter. Starting with a conversation she had with her now husband, the book begins with her realization that love is indeed a choice.

Coleman says, “So many of us are searching for the fairytale not knowing what it really means to be in the trenches of love. I’ll never forget talking to my husband when we were dating and hearing him say ‘Love is a choice.’ It was contrary to everything I thought I knew about love. For so long it was all about how love made you feel and not about the important decisions we make every day to believe the best, to be kind and to compromise. Love is a verb, we have to act on it to truly see it manifest ”

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