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"If you're waiting to be inspired to write, you will never achieve consistency. We must learn as writers to be inspired by everything." 

Writing is a journey. We treat it like the little step child, we love it, we resent it, we champion it, and the cycle goes on and on. And we'll always remember the most pivotal moments in that journey. The time when something changed, when something made us better. That for me was a class that I took with Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon at Temple University called Poetry as Performance. In that class we studied various styles of poetry, we were prompted to write about varying different things, and share some of our inner most thoughts, emotions, and experiences. 

I decided that I wanted to recreate that experience and community for other writers. The Writer's Muse was birthed from a place of knowing how lonely writing can be. So we come together, explore free writing, prompts, and creative writing to simply stretch ourselves. I've often referred to writing as a muscle. We must exercise it consistently in order to maintain its strength. 

Whether you are a seasoned writer, just beginning, or simply a novice, this workshop and community has something for writers at every level. So don't be afraid, give yourself permission to write, permission to explore, and to cultivate and hone your craft with a supportive, loving and talented group of people. 

What exactly does a writing workshop entail?

The Writer's Muse is  workshop that encourages exploration through free and creative writing. This workshop is based on using life as your creative influence. We have hosted in-person workshops in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. as well as virtually online. 

When you come to workshop, you'll bring your favorite journal or your laptop, you'll be provided with instructional material based on the session's topic. In the past we have covered voice, storytelling, setting intentions, confrontation and more. 

We start the workshop with the opportunity to receive feedback on a current work. Then we explore the workbook material and write to prompts. There's food, snacks, and great conversation. 

I also wrote a post breaking down the process. 

How do stay connected about upcoming workshops?

I created a private Facebook group after realizing that I wanted a way to stay in touch with everyone between workshops. In the group, we feature weekly writing prompts, live chats, opportunities, and share work. New workshops are always posted in the group and shared in my bi-weekly newsletter, For Dreamers Only.

Request to join the group HERE.

What did attendees have to say about the experience?

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Tyece Wilkins Circle
"The Writer's Muse far exceeded my expectations. Ashley has a true gift for cultivating community, and she does that with authenticity and rawness when it comes to this workshop. The prompts and exercises pushed me as a writer and gave me the opportunity to confront thoughts that I never dared to put on paper before. Attending The Writer's Muse reminded me that even as a longtime writer, I still have corners of my craft to uncover. Whether you are new to penning or have been doing it all your life, you will walk away from this workshop with something sacred and special. I hope you have the chance to attend and experience the artistic intimacy and inspiration that Ashley nurtures masterfully."
                                                     - Tyece Wilkins, Twenties Unscripted
Lynda Mallory
"I attended The Writer's Muse in Washington, DC hosted by Ashley Coleman of Write Laugh Dream.  I especially loved the intimacy of the workshop and the mix of prompts to stretch our writing and sharing our work.  Ashley is great at making sure we dig deeper into our stories, share our writing, and being authentic when we share our work.  I definitely recommend Ashley as a top resource for writing and coaching I will continue to work with Ashley and attend future writing events." 
- Lynda Mallory, A Life With a View
"This was a fantastic experience, it helped me realize how varied perspectives can inspire how you deliver a work or to be confident in your content."
- Anonymous