Are you a personal blogger looking to define your voice and package it in a way that relates authentically to your audience? 


Hear From Students

Seida Hood

Seida Hood,

The Writer, The Brand course takes you on an exquisite journey to discover your full capacity for writing! From the beginning, this course challenges you to tap into areas of your life + unearth your hidden writing potential. The course was easy to understand, the instructor was readily available for questions + I truly feel like I gained so much from this course! I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in expanding their voice as a writer. 

Anekia Nicole

Anekia Nicole,

I love the fact that The Writer, The Brand was tailored to the needs of bloggers whose sole interest is in writing. I have followed other webinars, workshops, etc. and found that the information they have provided doesn't suit my needs. It was either too broad,  vague, or contained a ton of information that was irrelevant to me as a writer. 

Breaking Down the Course

You are a writer and you want to start a blog but you are not sure of the first steps to take? The Writer, The Brand walks you through the process and saves you time and research on launching. Get from ground zero to garnering buzz around your writing, fostering relationships through collaboration and opportunities for guest posting and/or freelancing.

Many writers believe that their only vehicle to a robust career in writing is through a publication or a newsroom. But you now have the power to create your own space as a writer that will not only lead you to those coveted opportunities but also give you the chance to connect directly with your audience. In the course, we start with stretching in your writing, finding the best way to amplify your authentic voice and strengthen your writing. Then we will look at how to best package that writing in a way that is easily digestible and appealing to your specific audience. 

If you are looking to strengthen your writing voice and learn to stick out in a crowded lane, this course is for you! 

This e-course features worksheets with tangible exercises and "adult" homework, multimedia instruction including videos, Squarespace tutorials and a few extra bonuses. 


  • Writers looking to begin a blog.
  • Writers that may have started a blog and are looking for more resources and tools to promote and market their writing.


  • Building up the quality and voice of your writing. 
  • Honing in on your writing skills. 
  • Resources for writing 
  • Connecting authentically with your audience and developing community.
  • Tools and platforms to build your blog. 
  • Marketing and promotion of your work. 
  • Creating revenue streams that can be a sustainable business model. 

This is an open enrollment course built for you to work at your own pace.



Meet Your Awesome Instructor! 


Ashley Coleman is a word lover, pen toter and love advocate based in Philadelphia, PA. In March of 2013, she released her self-published book “Dear Love: A Love Letter to You,” which explores both the simplicity and complexity of love through love notes and short narratives.

Also the publisher of, her blog encourages growth in life, love, and dreaming in color. The blog has made way for Ashley to events including a quarterly Dear Love Brunch, her writing workshop, The Writer’s Muse, and the annual BBB Series panel discussion in both Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Discovering that many writers struggle with finding the value in their words, she began working as a writing mentor. Through personal consultations called Dreamer Sessions and her online course, The Writer, The Brand, she helps writers refine their voice and expand their reach.  She has also had the opportunity to guest lecture in the Journalism & Society class at Temple University and speak at the Pyramid Club’s Meet the Author series, and for Temple’s Association of Black Journalists.

As a freelance writer, Ashley has written for,,, JUMP Magazine, From a Wildflower and more. An avid lover of pen and paper, Ashley also crafts and has more journals than she cares to admit.