DREAM | Finding Your Voice Outside of Fashion and Hair Blogging

Sometimes I look at all that hair and fashion bloggers are able to accomplish and think to myself “man, am I in the wrong part of the business?”

As I peruse through blogs, I realize just how different it is to be a blogger that just talks about your thoughts and opinions. Most often I am looking at the great successes of fashion and natural hair blogs and marveling at what they have been able to create. And it’s dope, but I found myself having to remind myself, that it’s not what I really do. So while it’s great to be able to enjoy them, I can’t really compare WriteLaughDream to that.

This post is not in any way an attack on fashion and hair blogging, it’s a beast within itself and super competitive but I think that when you are doing something a little off the beaten path it can be a little hard to navigate your way. I love fashion, but it’s not what I talk about. Though I do think I have good taste … clothes don’t really consume me, my thoughts do.

And as for hair blogging, forget it. My naps do not lend themselves to camera though at times I wish I had the patience for it. I often have trouble finding vloggers who have hair as thick as mine and the length. It’s like girls with the length have looser curls and girls with the kink have shorter hair than mine. Le struggle as I like to say. But nonetheless, not what I do either.

Sometimes I look at all that hair and fashion bloggers are able to accomplish and think to myself “man, am I in the wrong part of the business?” Ha! I mean it’s amazing to see the amount of opportunities that they are able to establish with brands and strategic partners. I mean at the point where I saw natural hair bloggers get the opportunity to go to Paris, I was like where is the camera?

But past all the jokes, it’s okay if you’re not in that area. There are also tons of blogs I enjoy like Twenties Unscripted, All the Many Layers, Very Smart Brothas and more that are mostly opinion based, commentary type blogs. And they have all been able to establish an audience and community all their own. Find your voice and know that you don’t have to do what may seem most popular. It’s okay if what you have to say is a little different. And if hair and fashion is your niche then by all means, go for it because when you are true to yourself and work hard I tend to believe that you will always stand out.

And the thing is, I am all about learning from blogs that aren’t like my own as well. You can still take tips, tricks, and ideas from bloggers in other lanes and apply them to what you do. I do it ALL the time. One great thing about many fashion bloggers is that they take AMAZING pictures. So at some point I decided to up the quality of my images. I have an e-commerce store so making the apparel look nice is important! There are certain areas that will improve your blog no matter what it is you’re doing.

So listen, every day I am amazed that there are awesome people like you that come and read this blog. There aren’t a bunch of product giveaways, or hair tips or anything like that, but you literally care what I have to say about all the randomness of striving for your career, personal growth and relationships and that’s SO DOPE! So I hope that I can continue to provide you with posts that make you feel like you’re not alone in this thing and that we can continue to grow together!

Find your voice and stick to it. You will never succeed at trying to be someone else.

Have you ever found yourself trying something that you know is not even really you? When you noticed how did you adjust? Tell me about in the comments! 

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