But Have You Done Your Best Work?

There are billions of people in the world and we are all vying for our spot in purpose and in our respective lanes.

Have You Done Your Best Work Yet

We are looking to live meaningful lives and to do work that may actually impact someone other than ourselves. We want people to get it. We want people to know that we are valuable. We expect it. But the bottom line here is just because we are valuable doesn’t mean that people will always see it. Especially when it comes to our crafts and creativity, sometimes you have to know what makes your value attractive and be able to execute in a way that makes it a no-brainer to others. 

CLICK TO TWEET /// Just because we are valuable doesn't mean that people will always see it.

Lately I have been thinking about the importance of showing your value. Not in the sketchy way of becoming an infopreneur. Like this is what I can teach you so this is why I am valuable. That’s a part of it. But I want to speak to even if that is not particularly your interest. Think about it. Maya Angelou did not have a ton of $97 courses or worksheets, but her work affected millions of people and influenced boatloads of writers. We still quote her. Her words govern many of the things that we believe in our lives. And many of us are hoping that at some point in our careers we could be a quarter of the writer that she was. 

Our value is encased in what we can offer the world and eventually you get to a point where it is simply undeniable. I told someone recently sitting across a table at lunch that I know I have not done my best work yet. Although yes I just put out a book that I put a lot of labor and love into, I know that I will be better. I know that my best work is ahead of me. So I am not whining about why I haven’t made the New York Times Best-Seller list yet or why Oprah isn’t banging down my door to be a part of Soulful Sundays. I am in the midst of the work. 

In that process it can feel like I am looked over for accolades and opportunities. But I have resolved that it is my job to showcase my value. That is on me. It’s not on anyone else. It’s easy to play the blame game. But I tend to believe that excellence can’t be denied and that cream will rise to the top. All of this is practice in a way. Preparation for all that there is to come. So I ask you, who feel like you want more eyes on the things you do and feel overlooked …  

Have you done your best work?  

CLICK TO TWEET /// It is my job to showcase my value. That is on me. 

Are you executing at the top of your field whatever it may be. If the answer is not yet, I would implore you to keep working. I would implore you to minimize the time that you spend consuming too much of other people’s values and really taking time to analyze your own. What do you bring to the table that no one else can? What makes your work important? What makes it unique? Why should someone choose you? 

We do not have to wait for a stamp of approval to do the things that we want to do. With all the problems that we have as a generation, we have more access than any of those before us. There is no excuse. We have so much information on how to get where we want to be. We have the ability to access people that we could have only dreamed in the past. I mean come on, haven’t you been retweeted by one of your fave celebs at some point? 

Don’t take it for granted. Don’t get lazy. Everything that we want is on the other side of hard work and fear. Everything. So we push past it. We continue to brush up on our skills and we have to learn why our work matters and be able to effectively communicate that to the masses. “Making it” has a lot of timing involved. Meeting the right people, being in the right place at the right time. But in addition to the timing and favor, you best make sure that you are prepared for your moment when it comes. 

CLICK TO TWEET /// Everything that we want is on the other side of hard work and fear. 

Know your stuff. Study your craft. Be a beast. In the eloquent words of Marshawn Lynch “Run through a MF (Excuse the language) face and you don’t have to worry about them no more.” Beast your goals. Be the BEST whether 20 or 20,0000 people are watching and I promise you, it will happen for you and not a minute sooner. 

What are your thoughts? What will it take for you to begin operating at your highest level? How do you plan to get there?