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I thought that everyone could procrastinate and write multiple page papers in one night and still get As on them.
Writing is a talent


Let me tell you about one of the very first times that I made money from my writing. I literally felt like I had stolen from the person or gotten over on them because they paid me $50 for a bio and it was a ridiculous feeling to have. Ha! They reached out to me, I told them the price, I did the work and that was that. Oh BTW this was when I first started so don’t try looking at my “Work With Me” page trying to compare. In either case, the root of that feeling was based on the fact that it was easy for me. I didn’t even have to write a second draft and they were super pleased.

The moral of the story is that often we don’t fully appreciate that writing is also a talent. So many people spend their school years writing. We write our letters, then sentences, paragraphs and then essays and term papers. And so for some they feel like writing is a basic skill that every one learns. But let me tell you, some of us exceled at writing and others of us did NOT. Writing is a talent. I didn’t realize it when I was younger. I thought that everyone could procrastinate and write multiple page papers in one night and still get As on them. Not the case. It literally took me until the end of college to realize that I honestly had something good going here.

Even today, I read other people’s writing and think, “Wow, they are really good.” Not giving credit to the fact that maybe I am really good as well. And so what I occasionally still have to look up proper grammar and sometimes even get things completely wrong inciting my good friend to text me and correct me. Thanks Diona! I know at the end of the day, I have something here that God has blessed me with and it resembles the ability to put words together in a way that makes people care.

Since that first experience, I’ve written bios for tons of other people including some pretty cool musicians, TV hosts and much more. I had to accept that they were hiring me for a reason. And even if they did have the ability to write it on their own, they just didn’t want to and that was fine as well. So I want to encourage all of you during this The Writer, The Brand series, that your writing is also a talent! I want you to know that even if you want to get better, you should still just start. The only way to develop as a writer or anything for that matter is to actually do it. And I also want to encourage you that it is okay to make money from that talent.

You can’t always convince people that great writing is worthy of its value, but those aren’t the type of people you want to do business with anyway! Great copywriters are clutch for marketing ads, websites, and anything else you need great copy for. People get paid to write scripts, advertisements, bios, and all types of things. We as writers are not destined to this wayward existence of great words that are only discovered in the journals by our bedsides after we die. We have an opportunity many of our predecessors didn’t have and that’s blogs and social media and various other channels to get our words from our notebooks to the world. So get on board!

I am so thankful that my writing has created a space for me and I believe that it will open even more doors for me in the future. I have had the ability to write for pretty cool platforms like Philly360 and even I’ve written my first book and meanwhile I am working diligently on my second. I have this blog where I am able to connect with all of you. I would say that writing is certainly a talent.

And I want to help you walk in that reality as well. I know what it was like to have something to say and to share and to be afraid to take the first step to get there. And that’s what creating The Writer, The Brand was all about for me. It’s everything I wish I knew in 2008 when I first started toying around with this blog thing. So I am going to help you get from A to H a lot faster than I did! I’m not at Z yet, but you get my drift.

The first step is signing up for The Writer, The Brand mailing list. When you sign up, you’ll first receive a pretty cool resource kit with books, software, and the like that I use in my blogosphere. Also, starting Nov. 2nd, you’ll be enrolled in a free 5-day mini-course with more awesome info on refining your writing voice and expanding your reach. So … sign up below and stay tuned to both the blog and Periscope for more in depth info on going from writer to brand. 

Also as I finish the full course, I am super interested in hearing from you! What are some of the biggest issues you have in starting a blog and/or expanding the reach of your blog? Feel free to leave in the comments below or to email me at!

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