Writers Write | Week Four

Writers Write

Week Four 

Though I know we all may have varying religious backgrounds it's important to be grounded within something. For me it's being grounded in Christ but for you, it may just be grounded within your soul. Either way, for this last week, I want you to dig deep, connect, feel and be able to express it in these pages. 

Spending some time on your spiritual growth can help a lot of other things fall into place. So don't be afraid to go there with me. 

Monday 8/24 - The Real You 

Who are you outside of what you do? What's your most worthy accolade outside of a job title?

Tuesday 8/25 - Creation 

God knew you in your mother's womb. You were not just birthed, but created. My name is _________ and I was created to ________________. How is that declaration currently manifesting in your life? 

Wednesday 8/26 - Whispers 

In your quiet moments, what are your whispers to God? What are the prayers you're afraid to say too loudly? 

Thursday 8/27 - Grace 

In what areas are you in need of grace? Who do you need to extend grace to? 

Friday 8/28 - Treasure

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." What are you currently treasuring in your life? Is your treasure lining up with where you want your heart to be? 

Saturday 8/29 - King's Kid 

If you truly believed that you were of royal lineage, what would change about you? About how you behave? How you see yourself? How you would let people treat you? Hate to break it to you, you are a King's Kid! 

Sunday 8/30 - Rest 

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." What do you need to give away? What burden can you place on God that will finally give you rest? 


Thank you so much for joining in on this journaling plan for August. Please let me know how it went in the comments or on social media using the hashtag #WritersWriteWLD. Who knows I may just do it again, if you enjoyed! <3