Writers Write for the Month of August

writers write WLD

Hi There! 

Many have asked me how I am able to write every day and so I've decided to help you in that process for the month of August! I tend to think SOOOOOO much and so when I am asked "what do you write about every day?" my answer is ANY and EVERY thing!

So I have prepared for you a month load of prompts for August! Grab a journal and follow along! The prompts will be posted on my blog every Monday, but you can also opt in below to have them sent directly to your email! Sign up below! I can not wait to share in this with you! Make sure you use the hashtag #writerswritewld so I can see excerpts of what you may be working on!

I hope that this will encourage you to write every day as well. It will help stimulate your creativity as well as create some peace and relief for you. There is nothing like being able to reflect and reading your entries later down the line. I hope that you will join me! 

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