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The Writers Muse

So … when I first put together The Writer’s Muse in May, I really just meant for it to be a one off workshop. I had no idea that the energy we created would become a space where writers wanted to return and grow and continue to push boundaries on their creativity. When asked if there would be another, it seems I had no choice!

We returned to The Hive Philly, which is an awesome co-working space for women in Olde City Philadelphia. It’s an intimate space and the cozy, vintage décor is inspiration in itself. 12 writers came together to snack, share, and most importantly write.

This session we focused on “Pouring into the Page.” Through various prompts, I wanted everyone to work on conveying their emotions through their pens. And so we dug deep into some of our memories, our most important triumphs, our purpose and much more. The point, to serve as a way to pull ideas for future writing endeavors.

I love the idea of bringing together mostly strangers to be able to write and share in the way that we did. At some point in my life I became a pretty open book. And while I know that there are times to use discernment, for the most part in this type of atmosphere, I remain extremely open. It was the moment that I learned how to be open that my writing really flourished. An overwhelming majority of the room admitted that their writing at times has been stifled because of the things that they are afraid to say. It was apropos that I kicked off the workbook with this quote.

Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little.
— Holley Gerth


You know the moment that it happened for me? It was my Poetry as Performance class at Temple with Kimmika Williams Witherspoon. We wrote a whole notebook full of poetry and she went through and marked the ones that she wanted us to perform. Although she marked a good amount of pieces in my book, there was one that I was really afraid of and so I picked it to perform. It was a poem all about a sexual fantasy of someone in one of my other classes, but the reality that I was in a relationship with a great person. Scared to death, I performed this poem at the end of the year showcase with both my parents and boyfriend at the time in the audience. SOOOOOOO outside of my character. Haha. I am really a prude yall!

Nonetheless, it was in that moment that I was finally free. I continue to grow as a writer. I continue to find more comfort in solidifying the not so pretty feelings that are real for me in ink. But from that moment on, I felt courageous. I felt like I could say the things that I was really thinking. It made my writing whole. It made it human. Sometimes we are so afraid of what people will think or the fact that putting it down on paper makes it real. Well it is real. Whether you admit it or not, these are our thoughts, our lives and our experiences and quite honestly, I’d rather tell my own truths than leave it to someone else to tell a variation.

So we have some work to do to continue the process of opening up, but I love what The Writer’s Muse is becoming. It’s becoming a community. A place where we will be able to come together to share and do exercises, but more importantly grow as people and as writers. Sometimes people get taken aback by the word workshop. They are wondering, “Is this supposed to teach me how to be a writer?” No. Absolutely not! Sorry to beat you over the head with quotes, but this described it in a way more eloquently than I could have put it.

No one is born a writer. You must become a writer. In fact, you never cease becoming, because you never stop learning how to write. Even now, I am becoming a writer. And so are you.
— Joe Bunting

So through The Writer’s Muse, we are all continuing on the journey of becoming. I am becoming more of a writer in the process just as much as those that attend. I love writing. I want to share that with you and I look forward to continuing to encourage you to become the writers that you are called to be. Writing is a gift. It should never be looked at as anything less. We are blessed with this and so we must learn how to best use it according to our purpose. And we can’t be afraid of it. In many ways, writing has set me free. As we continue, I hope that you will also find your freedom!

The next session will take place in January! Stay tuned for details! In the meantime I have also opened up spots for one-on-one consulting. Check out more info on scheduling a Dreamer Session.  I am consulting in three areas, creativity, self-publishing, and blogging. 

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Take a look at what some of the attendees had to say about the workshop! 

I really enjoyed The Writer’s Muse workshop! The writing prompts forced me to find the balance between thinking and not over-thinking. I loved meeting other writers.
— Abby Glen

This was a fantastic experience, it helped me realize how varied perspectives can inspire how you deliver a work.
— Anonymous

I enjoyed The Writer’s Muse. I like being a part of things where I can be open with my writing.
— Dominique Robinson