And We Back and We Back and We Back ...

Chance the Rapper Billboard

I’m BAAAAACCCKKK! Oh my goodness. This is the longest break I have taken from the blog probably ever since I got serious about my blogging life. But do not fear, I have not abandoned you. I just had the busiest month of my life!

Many of you know that I got married on August 14th! Whoop!

And I had to be realistic about what that entailed and trying to keep up with my full-time job and this blog and so something had to suffer. I thought I would only be out of commission for two weeks, but we were also surprised with a honeymoon from my husband’s parents. We were set to just wait to honeymoon, but when offered? Who would turn that down? So, after all the craziness of the wedding, I then hit the road for a week and change and I am finally catching up here!

But it has been an amazing month! I mean just full of so much joy and yes lots of work but also lots of laughs and good times. I literally married my best friend and not much really tops that, so I’ve been in a cloud and I am finally trying to get my head back in the game.

It’s also just been a great time of revelation. One, God is SOOOO good. Like I mean, God is amazing and if I knew it a little before, I know it a whole LOT now. So I want to encourage you to truly trust Him and talk with Him and make your requests known. He has come through in mind-boggling ways for us in the process of getting married and beyond and I am so thankful.

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Two, I have just had the clarity to freaking think which you don’t realize you aren’t doing until you can actually step away. We talk about the importance of breaks, but I am not sure we actually give them the full credit they deserve. Instead of trying to drive myself nuts by still working, planning a wedding, trying to write a million blog posts, etc. I realized that it was completely okay for me to stop everything else and focus fully on my personal life. That is an awesome feeling. We get so caught up in the hustle.

This break really helped me focus in on a lot of things. It helped me to know that I want to make sure that I am not stepping out of my lane too much. It helped me to remember that my ultimate dream is really being an author and having a career in writing books and stories. It helped me realize that I am consuming way too much of what other people tell you is success and not listening to myself and running my own race. It gave me the revelation that I don’t want anyone else’s career, or body, or relationship, I only want what God has designed for me. It also showed me that not having cell phone service for 4 days is probably one of the best things that could ever happen to you.

CLICK TO TWEET /// I don't want anyone else's career, body, or relationship, I only want what God has designed for me

Either way, I’m back, I’m here. I hope you’re still reading and don’t feel abandoned. I’m excited about the last quarter of the year. I am committed to excellence here and making sure that I stick to writing and helping you write which is my main objective. Oh and teaching you how to love God’s way. I’m excited. I feel like I just got a whole second wind and I’m looking forward to you coming along in the journey!

And so that you read the title correctly, take a listen. HAHA! (I’m so obsessed with Chance the Rapper. About to stalk his archives.)