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This feels like the important work that’s necessary for the next phases of my life.

I love how God knows exactly what you need at the right time. This has been happening to me a lot lately and I am welcoming it all. Coming across things like The Cultivated Heart is one of the best things about the interwebs.  

I’m not even sure how I found the page which is owned by Amanda Knight. It could have been on the popular page on Instagram or something like that. I was drawn in first by the great images and then as I began to read different posts of hers, I thought to myself, “She sounds just like me!”

I love that her story is all about being upwardly mobile and career driven and then she simply reached a breaking point and realized that there was some important internal work that she needed to do to get her joy back while in the midst of the rat race. Insert The Cultivated Heart which she created.

Although I have been following her account for a little while, I was waiting for the right opportunity to buy her workbook. Just the cover made me confident that there was all types of goodness awaiting inside those two covers that I needed to get to. And so I waited a little more and then there was a sale which is one of my favorite words!

I immediately went to the site and before I even got to order my workbook, I also signed up for her 7-day e-course “7 Days of Cultivating Joy.” This was the perfect way to calm my anxiety while waiting for my workbook to come in the mail. After the first email, I was extremely excited to see what else was in store. There were great exercises and reflections included and it truly helped me to take a pause moment and think about all the really great things in my life. I even made a happy list that I still need to post in my work area.

And so my workbook has arrived! I’m thrilled if you can’t already tell. First off there was gold tinsel in my box when I opened it. A woman after my own heart for sure. I can’t wait to get started. I am taking some quiet time to myself in August and that’s when I plan to start working through it and beginning the important work of cultivating my heart.

For me, I haven’t necessarily reached that breaking point or crossroads yet. But there are times when my drive and hunger for “success” can sometimes foster ungratefulness and a sense of dissatisfaction in my life. And it’s crazy because I am soooo blessed. But let me tell you, constantly trying to combat the spirit of comparison and reminding yourself that you do have great things to offer, etc. can be exhausting. I could easily see myself crashing and burning by working so hard that I forget about what’s really important. So I am doing the work to get my heart in the right place before that happens.

This feels like the important work that’s necessary for the next phases of my life. I am expecting things and praying big prayers and so I want to be prepared for all that’s to come. It’s time for a quick heart check as I like to call it.

I’ll be sure to do a follow up post to let you know how it goes!

Are you ever so caught up in pursuing your career goals that you have to remember to stop and analyze what’s really important? 

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