blogger break

When You Realize You're Doing Too Much

So ... just like most of you I tend to have this idea that I can do everything at all times all at once and it doesn't take long at all to realize, you can't. So here I am ... Writing you to say that this blog is going to be on hiatus for the next two weeks! 

Where summer normally gives me some type of down time in other areas of my life, it has NOT. LOL. My full-time work is busy, my personal life is busy and I am sadly behind on some freelance writing and book editing. 

The pressure that I have felt because I am constantly behind on new posts is just ridiculous at this time and I have some real life personal, life changing things happening that I need to focus on the next two weeks. And so, I am sure that this little break won't make you forget about me forever. I mean, our relationship is much deeper than that right? 

In either case, a few things are still happening even though I will be on a bit of a break coming up. 

Writers Write WLD - The next journaling challenge starts Aug. 1! Make sure you sign up to receive prompts directly to your email. 

Resources for Writers - There is this awesome page that has tons of content to help you as writers! Take a browse! 

The Writer's Muse - This FB community is full of writers that are building community through writing prompts, weekly chats and sharing their posts for candid feedback. 


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