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But no matter what field you’re in, one thing remains essential in a successful business and that is people sharing about it!

I think often about the immensely talented people I either know personally or through social media. It’s really inspiring to be around so many people that are working towards starting businesses and finding their dream careers. But no matter what field you’re in, one thing remains essential in a successful business and that is people sharing about it! Word of mouth!

I’m not really sure what it is. Maybe some people feel that they want to keep some of the things they enjoy this big secret. But I notice so many people will find out about great blogs, websites, clothing companies, etc. and seemingly keep it to themselves. I don’t think they realize how that is the absolute worst thing you can do for something that you say you support.

It takes time to get people to share your content as a blogger. I distinctly remember having a moment earlier this year where I realized people were actually tweeting links to some of my posts. I was so excited! And sure maybe my content sucked before and that’s fine, either way, I was excited that people actually were taking the time to write their 140 characters and include my blog.

With that, I wanted to make sure that I was very conscious and deliberate about making sure to share the things that I actually enjoy. It’s no secret that there are tons of other blogs that I frequent and check out. So sometimes I make a conscious effort to share their content. And I’m not always thinking about it right away, but I have even come back to it to say, “I really enjoyed this, let me share.” It takes two second to send a tweet or tell a friend.

Stop hoarding great businesses in secret! Haha. So often we talk about the things that we don’t enjoy, our negative experiences, etc. But we never stop to think what would happen if we gave more attention to positivity and things we actually do enjoy. If you hate popular music, stop talking about Young Thug on your timeline and talk about some acts you actually do like. Stop talking about the terrible customer service you had at whatever place and tell us about an exceptional experience with a small business owner.

We have to be conscious of what we put out into the universe and spreading good vibes and good messages will never be wrong! Let me tell you, spending your money with someone is great, but convincing someone else and someone else to spend their money with someone will always be better.

What will you share about today that you enjoy? Who are some of your favorite writers, artists or the like?

Some of my favorite things to check out, frequent, or dream of purchasing things from.

Stores: Paper Source, Target

Blogs: The Alisha Nicole, The Feisty House, Twenties Unscripted, All the Many Layers, Maya Elious, Mattieologie

E-Commerce: The Diper Twins, Fashion Forward Boutique, Nubian Hueman

Music: Alex Isley, Jazmine Sullivan, Tasha Cobbs, Luke James

Shows: First, Being Mary Jane

Random: The Day Planner, Rifle Paper Co, Ampersand Studios

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