Session III of The Writer's Muse

Thinking that you have something to offer the world is one of the most vulnerable places to be.

Session III The Writer's Muse

Yet, I just can’t seem to stop. I can’t help but think, “what else is there if I don’t try?” And so I hosted my 3rd session of The Writer’s Muse workshop because I’m crazy enough to believe that I can help other writers learn to be inspired by everything in their writing. That I can help them expand the boundaries of their creativity, improve their storytelling and discover new dimensions of themselves through writing. 

On Nov. 12th I got together with a few good writers to talk about the importance of setting intentions through our writing and working on our ability to tell captivating stories. As we approach the new year, I can’t tell you how important it is to spend some time thinking about what you envision for your life. Not just in your career, but personal and growth centered goals as well. And though we love the vision board parties and things like that, sometimes it’s just as simple as writing a handful of intentions and goals in a notebook and putting in the work to see them begin to come to pass. 

CLICK TO TWEET // Though we love the vision board parties, sometimes it's just as simple as writing a handful of intention and putting in the work

Then we moved onto some fun creative writing, working through prompts and exercises on storytelling. And the point of this as a writer is to help your mind become more flexible. From thinking of all the great words that you can use to the flow of your paragraphs, creative writing taps into a different part of the brain that will help feed the more business or non-fiction writing. Allowing our imagination to roam, gives us a new capacity to express our thoughts, feelings and surroundings. 

I personally feel like our ability to tell stories is really separated into two parts. 

  1. Being open and free enough to actually write what’s in our heads out on paper. There is a block that many writers face in getting the words from their heads onto the pages. We inundate ourselves with “what will people think?” “Am I sharing too much?” etc., and the story can’t be fully told. And for that I recommend working on free writing that you don’t share first. Learn how to be honest in your storytelling. That’s really a first step without the anxiety inducing publish button disturbing the process. 
  2. Translating what we have to say in a compelling way. So we get past the stumbling block of actually telling the whole story and then we don’t know how to make it exciting for someone to actually enjoy. This comes with practice and comes with a lot of READING. You guys know that I am a stickler for reading. No one wants to read a boring story. Find ways to draw your reader in and make them feel like you are talking directly to them. 

These are the key components and everything else is really just the details of what it takes to put together a great story. I won’t give away the whole kitten caboodle here because that’s what people who took the time out to attend the workshop got. But I did just want to give you a little insight into what we covered. 

The thing here is, workshopping is not about whether you know how to write or not. Most of us understand we have a knack for writing. But workshopping is all about the continuous process of becoming a writer, because that will never stop. Unlike my height reading, you will never stop growing as a writer. So I want to encourage you that as much as I am teaching many of the principles that I have learned in my journey, I too come out a better writer after each workshop. So make sure that you keep your eye out for the next Writer’s Muse. It’s an amazing time, I promise you and there is nothing like being around a supportive environment of creators that write just like you do! 

CLICK TO TWEET // Workshopping is all about the continuous process of becoming a writer

And if you may be interested in coming on board as a promotional partner to help me bring a workshop to your city in 2017, I want to hear from you too! Check out a bit more info on my Work with Me page. 

As Té V. Smith mentioned on our last Digital Storytellers Conversation, I am working on my ability to practice humility with my gifts instead of doubt. And so every opportunity that I get to share my knowledge and vigor about writing, I am deeply humbled by. Thanks to all who joined me and I hope to see you soon! 

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