DREAM | 5 Steps on the Road to Organization

At some point in this lovely journey of building my blog and brand, I developed the inability to focus on one thing for too long!

It took some time, but I have finally come to the conclusion that my work flow tends to be a bit dysfunctional! I am all over the place! At some point in this lovely journey of building my blog and brand, I developed the inability to focus on one thing for too long! I am the master multi-tasker and everything that I have been reading or listening to lately talks about how much of a disservice it is to try to do multiple things at once and so ….. I’m on a mission to get ORGANIZED and focused. If you’re with me, I will share a few tips below about the steps that I am taking!

So, don’t get me wrong, I get a ton done. I just know that I could get a lot more done if I was able to hone in a bit more on the tasks at hand. I tend to click an email, open a blog post to read, check social media, and more all at the same time and I recently realized it was slowly driving me a bit nuts. I am a firm believer that our space, how we work, and what surrounds us sets the tone for our mental well-being and peace as well so here’s what I am doing to try to real it all in.

1.      Re-working my To-Do List. I tend to write lists for the week and cross off as I go. BUT! I have quickly learned that still is over-whelming because I’m constantly looking at all the things that aren’t finished. So I still write out my to-do list for the week and then break it out over days of the week. “Today lists” have been helping in making my world a bit more peaceful.

2.      Purchasing a 17-month planner. I know that everything is so electronic, but I have notebooks still. I still like to write things down and at some point I realized that I needed to take it old school like the planners you used to have to keep track of assignments in school. I wanted something I could open up every morning and say … “Okay here’s what I have to do.”

3.      Turning the Phone Off. Okay so I got this idea from The Nectar Collective. I’m still a work in progress! LOL. But I am starting to try to turn my phone off during the day. This was the first week I’ve attempted and I got tripped up when I needed to text people certain things. But it’s all about FOCUS! It’s so easy to get distracted by our phones. If we really want to be organized and focused, we have to cut the cord. Eek Gats!

4.      Sticking to the morning routine. This helps me organize my MIND before I sit down in front of the computer screen and begin clicking, emailing and typing away. The days when I take the time to pray, read scripture, read a chapter from my current book and journal, I am so much more focused and organized throughout the course of my day. It sets the tone right out the gate and I am working my hardest not to be distracted in those very important hours when I first start my day.

5.      Utilizing my calendar. From work events to personal appointments and whatever else, I cannot say yes to a thing without first checking my calendar. Thank God my work calendar syncs with my phone and so everything is in one place now. I would constantly get confused thinking I had open time and didn’t. So now I am getting it all together right in the palm of my hand.

I myself am still a work in progress. I am very new in realizing that my old system just wasn’t working! It will take some time, but I know that the organized side of life will be sooooo much sweeter.

What are some of your tips on staying organized so you don’t go nuts trying to get it all done? 

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