DREAM | Getting Real About the 9 to 5 Grind

When you have a 9 to 5 in addition to a side hustle, you have to be willing to work before and after work and sometimes on lunch breaks.
Photo: kaboompics.com

Photo: kaboompics.com

We are certainly not the generation that is looking for a job that we can work for the next 30 years and retire. Those days are pretty much over! Job security is almost non-existent as so many more companies will outsource work and quickly get rid of man power. We are now in an information economy and many people are putting on their big boy or girl pants and venturing into the world of entrepreneurship! But in that, I feel like the process of transitioning from 9 to 5 to full time entrepreneur is often over simplified, and I was ready for some real talk about it!

Maybe it’s just my timeline, but I have surrounded myself with tons of full-time entrepreneurs who are definitely making a great lane and living for themselves which is awesome! They are doing their thing and trying to help others along the way, which is great! But sometimes I feel like the actual transition piece is a little glossed over and jumps right into “Now I am making x amount of dollars and this is how you do it!” Which I am all about by the way! But I just want to let you into at least a little of my world of le struggle!

I am right there with you! I have a full-time job that is an amazing job to have. It’s flexible, I get the opportunity to do great things and I have learned so much just about being a professional as well as budgeting, putting on great events, etc. As wonderful as it is, I definitely feel I have a purpose outside of that mission and will eventually (not soon) but eventually want to transition into working for myself full time. So what has that meant for me?

First and foremost, it means a lot of long nights and early mornings. A lot of people talk about wanting to transition into full time work for themselves but they are not putting thee work in! When you have a 9 to 5 in addition to a side hustle, you have to be willing to work before and after work and sometimes on lunch breaks. You do not have time to be tired because there are other people who have the additional hours in the day that you don’t have that are out here killing it. You will never compete if you are not putting that same dedication in. No one cares that you have to work an additional 40+ hours per week, they just want interesting, compelling content or products or whatever it is that you do. And not that it’s “competition”, yes you should be competing against your former self. But it is a business and you want to be competitive even if you are not “competing” with these actual other people. Comparison in that way is death, but again trying to be realistic.

It also means that sometimes I unfortunately miss out on things! Can’t tell you how many events or conferences there are that I have missed based on work commitments. My job ventures into nights and weekends occasionally so it happens. Even more reason that I have to find ways to maximize the free time that I do have and sometimes that comes with forgoing plans with friends and things like that.

I also spent all of August honing in on my brand. There wasn’t half as much information available about starting and maintaining an online business when I first started my blog! So I had to do some back tracking and work to really hone in on what exactly I was doing here. And I still feel like I am reeling a few things in but I have seen immediate results! Which helps me realize I am heading in the right direction.

The other important part about beginning the process of transitioning is putting a PLAN together! For so long I have been using money from my job to fund my business, but that is not how a business will sustain. I finally made the commitment this year to open a business bank account, register my LLC and begin the process of creating a business that will fund itself! That’s the objective or else you will always be waiting on that “job” paycheck to do the things that you want to do! Also, I have debt that I am working on. Sorry but up and leaving a steady position with debt is not a good look. Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of ups and downs. You should really be putting a financial plan together to help you stay afloat and in business for yourself without having to return momentarily to the corporate world in between.

Sometimes it looks so glossy and some people’s story is that they up and quit with no safety net and that’s so dope! But that will not be the case for all of us! I have learned to be a lot more patient in this process. There are days when I am completely sad about the fact that I have to work while my counterparts get to think of posts, create courses and graphics all day. But I am so focused. More focused now that I have ever been on getting to where I want to be. Which is traveling, hosting events, and writing books.

Right now, my business is nowhere near making enough to be able to comfortably get to that next level. So I just continue to be patient and prayerful about getting to there. You have to have things in place to make the jump. Don’t get so caught up in the lights of it all that you are not thoughtful and strategic about what you’re actually doing! As I always remind myself: Where I am, is preparation for where I want to go. Our jobs are not the “enemy.” We’re blessed to have them, you are not less than because you haven’t made the jump yet, you are being prepared and hopefully you are actually putting the work in to make it a reality. So be encouraged! We’re in the trenches together and in the words of Kendrick “Ninja, we gon be aight!” 

What work are you doing to balance your job and side hustle? Tips on finding balance? 

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