The Power of Showing Up

I was recently thinking back to the time that my husband was going to be on a TV show on Fuse.

The Power of Showing Up.jpg

A close relationship led him to the opportunity to both produce music for the show and to serve as the DJ/host on-air. He had only recently picked up DJing and had absolutely no experience on a major television show at all. I mean speaking to producers through in-ears, learning scripts, having production meetings. He was spending the week in NY so he could tape and coming home on just weekends. It all happened so fast, but when I think back to that time, I think of how much he stepped up to the plate. 

I can’t imagine how intimidating that must have been. I mean, I make jokes about wanting to be on Soulful Sundays with Oprah (I mean it’s a real dream) but honestly, I think if I was put in that position tomorrow I would be nervous as heck. I have no idea what it’s like to be on a nationally televised show. But I know I maybe want to get there at some point to talk about my book or my work with helping other writers with their voice. But I often wonder, would we even be ready for the things that we say we want? And more so, would we be able to perform? 

I don’t in any way want to intimidate you from your dreams. You should indeed dream big. But what I do want to encourage is getting ready for that moment. I can see my husband so clearly practicing in the middle of our living room with the first DJ machine he purchased. He would set aside a few hours a day to learn the equipment, find new songs, watch tutorials and the like. He had the discipline to really show up for this awesome opportunity that he had been given. 

We have to show up. A lot of people want to accuse millennials for being rewarded for mediocrity. I don’t necessary agree. I mean I was only praised for excellence. When I got a B, my dad was like, “yeah, good job, but what do we have to do to make that B, an A?” So I believe in excellence. I believe that as we prepare for the dream jobs, careers, or entrepreneurial pursuits that we have to be ready, we have to be prepared. 

CLICK TO TWEET /// As we prepare for the dream jobs, careers, or entrepreneurial pursuits, we have to be ready.

I laugh to myself sometimes when doing events. I am always going above and beyond. I always have way too much food and try too hard to make it exceptional within my means. Meanwhile I attend events where their last thought is feeding you. But that will be what sets me apart. It annoys me when I may not have the attendance I want or when the next event is slow to fill because “don’t they know, I have excellent events?” But the reality is, this is all just preparation. I know what it is to actually have a budget for events through my full-time work. But just having a budget isn’t going to be what makes people come back again and again. It’s about creating an experience. 

It’s time to go above and beyond in the things that we say we want to do. And if we are not willing to put forth the work to be excellent in what we do, then we may need to spend some time figuring out why we are doing it. Did it just sound good? Was it something that got a lot of likes on someone else’s page so you tried it, but you’re not willing to work to be the best at it? Tell me, what is the point of doing it if not to be the best? If not to be excellent? 

CLICK TO TWEET /// What's the point of doing it if not to be the best? If not to be excellent?

And guess what? There will be some opportunities that we will never be able to fully prepare for. You can’t be intimidated by that either. Have you ever heard of on the job training? LOL. Sometimes we will be figuring it out when we’re there. But all the discipline and hard work we’ve had up until that point will also make it easier for us in the process of learning as we go. 

I just want to encourage you to show up. Show up for every opportunity whether it be big or small because you never know where it could lead. My husband being on that show led to so many other opportunities where he now travels the country to take part in special events and the like through DJing. He even just DJ’d a few parties during GRAMMY Week. Life is crazy that way. Sure the show is over and done, but the lasting effects have been amazing. Imagine if he didn’t show up. Imagine if he didn’t give his all and best to what he was doing? So much would be different. 

CLICK TO TWEET /// Show up to every opportunity whether it be big or small because you never know where it could lead.

Step up to the plate. Don’t let fear stop you from pursuing your biggest and wildest dreams. But make sure that you’re prepared. Don’t despise the humble beginnings of where you are right now because let me tell you about God, he will knock your socks off when you least expect it. 

Our best service to Him is using our gifts and talents in a way that will glorify Him. Because when we look back at it, when I think about my husband on a major network, that was God. lol. Most of us aren’t smart enough, talented enough, or whatever, to make the things happen that we are given. Those things are truly God’s blessings. It is a privilege to have a calling, to have the ability to impact others. Do you know how many people are still wandering aimlessly trying to figure it out? 

Do your goals and dreams a solid and prepare, work hard, and show up in every moment.