Do Personal Blogs Still Matter?

In 2008, when I first created a blogspot and began writing about the chronicles of the music industry, it was somewhat at the beginning of the blogging boom. Give or take, because many of the most popular bloggers today started a few years before. I wasn’t serious about it at all. My real, “I’m taking it serious” year was in 2013.

Do Personal Personal Blogs Still Matter

Those early years felt like the birth of writers pouring into this public forum when it came to their blogs. It was the beginning for people like Demetria Lucas, A Belle in Brooklyn and Luvvie Ajayi, Awesomely Luvvie among many others before it all caught on. Then companies and brands realized blogs were great marketing tools and boom, a lot changed.  

In the ever changing landscape of the interwebs, it can be easy to wonder if those personal stories still matter. There are over a million people blogging in one way or another. Many larger brands have also ventured into the world of blogging and the whole influencer sponsored post blog model has grown in popularity. But there still seem to be those extremely personal, soul snatching, personal bloggers who speak our lives, write our truths, and connect our stories through their eloquent storytelling like Ever So Roco, Everything ENJ, and Twenties Unscripted to name a few. 

The reality is, everything grows and changes, but no matter what, that type of personal connection is here to stay. At least I hope it is. And that’s why it’s so important to me to help create a community around those who still have stories to tell. Based on the popularity of a post I wrote, “Never Mistake A Lifestyle Blog for a Personal Blog Again,” it can be pretty confusing about where we fit in this new landscape. But it’s right here in the pages of our published posts. In the stories that lead to book deals or independent publishing. In the land of freelance work where they want that personal take that can’t be rivaled by straight journalism.

CLICK TO TWEET /// Everything grows and changes, but no matter what, that type of personal connection is here to stay. 

Everything grows and changes, and that’s okay. If anything, I think it’s great that we just have to work more at making those personal stories just as thrilling as the girl with the Youtube Channel or the guy with the 20k followers on Instagram. We have an opportunity to showcase our storytelling in 140 characters. To find the visual depiction of what it means to write, of what it means to be enveloped in a world of words. This generation, this time will challenge us, but the words, the stories, will never die. 

The answer to the question, do personal blogs still matter, is absolutely. They are part of the fabric of the digital imprint this generation will make. They have been the catalyst for writers to travel the world, to make six-figure deals and beyond. They have been the saving grace for women across the world who have just wondered if anyone out there ever felt like they did too. The launching pad for women of color to be heard when they have been marginalized in traditional publishing.They have been the meeting place for revivals and the topic of conversation across panels and brunch tables. They have led many of writers to cross-country book tours and feature stories in printed magazines. 

Our stories matter. Just as much as our lives, our equality, our freedom. They matter. We are the historians, the observers, the thought leaders of our generation. 

CLICK TO TWEET /// Our stories matter. Just as much as our lives, our equality, our freedom. 

It’s the importance of those stories that led GG Renee and myself to create the Digital Storytellers Masterclass. This wasn’t a session about getting 1k subscribers in a day or making your first 1k through blogging. This masterclass was created for those that were writers before they even knew it. That want to utilize the digital space to tell their stories and the stories of others. If you are a writer looking for insight on storytelling, strategy, and style as a personal blogger, I urge you to check out the Masterclass. There is a bundle available that also includes the Writer Squared webinar that discusses organic audience building. 

Digital Storytellers

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