Writing Our Stories

One of the things that I keep in the back of my mind while journaling is this idea that one day, my grandkids or great grandkids may be able to read them and know something about me.

Writing Our Stories

Sure my journal contains some of my inner most thoughts, but hey, when you’re dead, you probably won’t be embarrassed. Morbid, I know, but you get the point. I love this idea that bumping around in their attic they may uncover a dusty trunk full of notebooks that were passed down from their mom’s mom and so on. My journals not only keep me sane, they are my story. And who better to tell it than me? 

I’ve always loved books. Definitely a pastime that was passed down to me from my mother and I’m so grateful for that. She gave me the opportunity to explore far away lands and tales of babysitters, and adventures in magical kingdoms. Stories are at the crux of most of our entertainment whether it’s books, film or now in our blogs. Our stories are our truths, our perceptions, our scars and our insecurities and most often we wrap them tight in the pages of our journals.

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I love that as I finish each one I can look back at who I was 3 months ago, 6 months ago, or even years ago. I can go back to the moments explained in the pages and remember exactly how I felt, how fast or slow my heart was beating as I wrote, or whether I wiped away tears while I scribbled. My story, my memories, are so important to me. And being that I don’t have a great physical memory, I’m thankful to be able to write it all down! lol.

So that’s what prompted me for this next edition of Writers Write WLD. I wanted to focus on us telling our own stories. I wanted to focus on us exploring what our written legacy will be. I wanted us to look at the patterns and to recall our most defining moments. 

The other day as I was rooting through a box of keepsakes looking for an important document, I found something that I probably hadn’t looked at in years. It was a postcard from my best friend in high school that passed away over 12 years ago. It had her handwriting. I could hear her voice as I read it. I could see her smile as she joked about being lazy on a trip to New England. This many years later, it was like I was right back in the 10th or 11th grade or whenever she sent it. I had a piece of her. 

So on this four week journey, I want you to explore the pieces of you that make you whole. Let’s write it out. Let’s explore. Let’s be brave about every part of us that has molded us into who we are today. I hope that you’ll join me. 

Whether you want distant family in the future to find your journals or not, just remember that no one will ever be able to tell your story better than you! 

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Last but not least, if you haven’t already, you can download previous Writers Write WLD prompts HERE. I’m so excited to rock on this journey with you! 

P.S. This will all culminate with a Google hangout on Sunday, August 28th where we can share about our writing and revelation from the past month! Stay tuned for more details which will be included in the emails!