WLD Shoot with Ashlee Erica Douglas

Certain things are just devine and that's the bottom line! I randomly shot some photos with Ashlee for her business, Merch Carnival. When I saw how the photos came out, I told her "Wow, maybe you can shoot some candid type shots for me." I was really just looking to get some updated photos to use to send out. It's funny how quickly photos get outdated in this time. But I got a lot more than I could have hoped! 

In either case, Ash agreed, she's also the former awesome intern for WLD! :) Nonetheless, we were trying to find a place to shoot and I randomly happened upon the MP Design Shop from an Instagram post after googling outside shots of Philadelphia. Gotta love the internet! 

Welp, we found the spot and it was PERFECT! And Dennis Murphy, the owner was sooooo kind when we randomly stopped in asking him to take photos in front of his building. He even closed his curtain and turned on his amazing light fixture that he MAKES, in his window! AHHH! Love kind, creative folks. And I am definitely getting one of those light boards when I have somewhere I can hang it! 

In either case, the shoot that started as just wanting a couple new pics, turned into an exciting facelift for WriteLaughDream. My original pics were taken by Ja Quayan over four years ago when my now fiance really helped me kick my site into gear. (Forever thankful for that!). 

Check out some of my favorite flicks! And be sure to visit Ashlee's new tumblr with her photography. She is an amazing up and coming entrepreneur and photographer and I am just so happy that our paths have crossed! My little (well, not so little, she's 5'10) island gyal. haha!