You Never Stop Learning

You never stop learning. It’s something that we’ve heard since the beginning of time.

You Never Stop Learning

When you’re young you just look at your parents with the side eye. But as you mature, you certainly realize that if you are not learning something new every day you will quickly be left behind. Yet when we look at ourselves in a “professional” manner, we think that we can’t be transparent about still learning things and it’s one of the silliest things we can do.

Listen, as a writer, I work with other writers. I teach them things that I have picked up along the way. I help them strategize about how they best want something written to represent them and a host of other stuff. But I have never stopped learning about how to become a better writer. I will continue becoming a better writer no matter how “professional” I am trying to appear or how many one-on-one sessions I book. You want a teacher that is also still learning because they will be a wealth of information you benefit from.

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I think overall on the internet, the bubble of “I know everything and you don’t” is about to burst viciously. Thank goodness. Because in all actuality none of us really know what we’re doing. I know, that’s all reassuring if you’ve ever booked a session with me. Lol. But all I am saying is that many of us are just a little bit farther along in the learning process than you and that’s why we can teach you. I can only help other authors with self-publishing because I did it myself and got my bumps and my bruises along the way. I am a consummate professional, but I am also still a student.

You will have to find the balance too. Listen, last year I spent so much time as the student. I had my blog for a couple years, had some readers, but I wanted more. I moved to a new platform and wanted to figure out how to get more people to it. And so I dug in. I got the resources, did the webinars, did the adult homework, etc. I had to learn from the people that were in a way on the path I wanted to venture onto. Since then of course, I realize that I have carved my own little path, but that’s beside the point. In either case, that was last year and it was great. But 2016 has now been about shutting down some of that “noise” for lack of a better term to take everything that I learned and apply it to my unique set of circumstances.

See the thing about maximizing the information you receive is really learning to take what you need out of it to work it into your system. Many of us, in the student process just think that someone is supposed to lay out all the steps, we step into their very same track marks, and boom we are successful. Can you say, womp, womp, womp? I loved this Rico Love interview where he basically says, I can lay out every single thing that I’ve done, but it still won’t help you because of my unique set of circumstances. So when I am telling you about my journey, you would have had to go Drexel, decide news wasn’t for you, transfer to Temple, decide that the music business wasn’t for you, and find your way back to blogging and writing, and on and on.

What I always want to be certain of in whatever moment I take to fix my lips to say I can help is to give you the tools to THINK for yourself. You cannot write dear love letters on Instagram that become a book that begins to open doors for you and motivates you to get more serious with your blog. I mean you could, but I did it already so I will be hatin in your comments. But what I can say to you is, get creative. You want to write a book? Make sure you are building an audience for the book FIRST. So that when you come out with the book there are people that want to buy it. What I can say is yeah, utilize social media to come up with a cool campaign that will help support the marketing of your book. And then you have to take that and THINK for yourself. I mean I can even help you strategize on what it should be, but you have to be an active participant in your own success.

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We live in an information age. Many of us will find careers in providing information. But that information is worthless if you do not apply it to your personal narrative. That information is also useless if you are forever a student and never the doer. I learn so much more of what I know by creating content and chatting with you guys about this stuff. I’m excited when I am challenged by a client with something I don’t know and I take the time to research and get the answers for them. We don’t have to have it all together to be able to share information people!

Most successful people read. And they read in order to gain knowledge and more information. And so some of the most powerful people that we look up to are constantly both the student and the teacher.

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