Maximizing the Info You Receive

Okay, so you’ve attended how many webinars this year? And how many courses have your purchased? And how many Twitter chats have you followed? If you’re anything like me, probably a lot. I love to learn and I love information and I love to learn more about how to refine and grow my writing and my business. BUT … I know you knew it was coming, but, at the end of the day, no one is going to do the work for you.

Maximizing Information Received

The other day, I saw someone ask on social media whether or not they should purchase the book #GirlBoss. As I scrolled the comments, some people mentioned that it was more motivational and didn’t have actions steps, etc. Now, I also read the book and I would certainly agree. I definitely expected something different from the book than I received. BUT, I can tell you, that motivation is just as important at times as actionable steps. Yes we want everything laid out for us, but sometimes it will take being able to dissect someone’s story to see how you may be able to apply some of their same principles to your growth OR improve upon them.

But what was more disappointing to me in the comments was this air that people that are successful OWE you their steps. At the end of the day, I have been reminded more and more about the importance of timing. Some of the most successful people that we know, weren’t necessarily the smartest or brightest, but if they worked and were in tune with their craft, they were able to capitalize off great timing. Sophia Amoruso was hip to the potential of an EBay shop before it was “the thing” to do and with hard work, she made smart business decisions to get to where she is today.

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This is not an ad for #GirlBoss, I wasn’t the biggest fan. But I assure you that I learned something from it. Because that’s just who I am. Sometimes you may even learn what not to do from reading something, but I believe in taking in everything as a learning experience. This is just a bit of a reminder that no matter how much information you receive, you will be the only one responsible for your success. Someone can give you every single tool, strategy and process that they use, but you have to learn how to apply it to your life, your writing, your business, or whatever the case may be.

Click to Tweet/// No matter how much information you receive, you will be the only one responsible for your success. 

So how do you really maximize this plethora of information that is available to us these days via every medium ever on the internet? Well here are some of my best practices.

  1. Get clear about what it is that you actually need help with. You will drive yourself batty really quickly if you are taking in information from every infopreneur that has ever existed. What are your current goals in regard to your writing or business? Last year, I wanted to make the transition from just writing about whatever I felt, to really defining my brand and moving more towards a sustainable business models outside of just the book that I published in 2014. It was a very clear goal, and so I set out to find the people that were well-versed in defining your brand and coming up with ideas about digital products including Maya Elious and Regina Anaejionu. I worked it out with a lot of their free products and purchased a Branding Bundle from Maya. I sat down and filled in every worksheet and did every exercise to figure out what the heck it was that I was doing here.
  2. Once you are clear, seek out the people that are experts in that area. Follow them on social networks, engage, attend their free webinars, etc. Get to know them and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Find people who you not only relate to professionally but personally as well. This year, my new goal is monetization, so I have shifted focus a bit and though I still utilize the sites of Maya and Regina because they also touch on those things, I have also tuned into Nicole Waters who is a monetization strategist. I am saving my pennies to be able to enroll in her course Monetize Thyself, which I feel is definitely the next step for me.
  3. Keep your expert circle small. Listen, it is easy to want to follow every single person ever and I probably did at first last year. But slowly and surely I started to see who really appealed to me and who didn’t. And I started utilizing that unsubscribe button so that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with courses and info and “This is what you’re doing wrong.” I had to cut it out. Though I still keep an ear out for other new coaches, there is only a small list that I actually frequent and gleam info from.
  4. Seeking community. Sometimes the connections that you can make in communities are better than connecting with the experts. Some of my fave communities are #blkcreatives, #creativesmartgirl, and #nectarchat (The Nectar Collective.) By participating in chats and FB groups, I see a lot of questions asked that I may have had. I have the ability to connect with people that are on a similar plane as me and I have the ability to share my expertise in certain areas. Get involved. Join a Twitter chat or FB Group and take NOTES! I host my own writing FB group called The Writer’s Muse. Write down some of the most important info that is shared that you can utilize for yourself.
  5. Learn to decipher what you need and what you don’t. I have a very specific thing going on here at I share my writing about love, life, and pursuing dreams and I also help other writers refine their voice and expand their reach. Just like I mentioned with the #GirlBoss book, just because someone is successful in fashion doesn’t mean that you need to stop what you’re doing to incorporate fashion. Just learn how to apply some of the same techniques to what it is that YOU do. Throw out what doesn’t apply and keep what you need. That is a very important step.
  6. DO THE WORK! You can download all the workbooks you want. But if you do not make the time to sit down, think about the coursework, and fill out the pages, it ain’t NEVER going to happen for you jack! I recently watched the #wkndpreneur webinar hosted by Mattie James in partnership with Melissa Kimble (but she was unable to make it) and it really gave me actionable steps. It’s funny too because I thought, “I have this 9 to 5 and 5 to 9 thing down pact,” but there was STILL important information that I needed from that webinar. And I didn’t wait. Mattie talked about getting up earlier to maximize your day and in the middle of the week I set my alarm for 6am. And it has been SUPER helpful! DO the freaking work. Stop complaining. Stop thinking that it can’t be you. And stop thinking that it won’t take time. Am I somehow making 1 million dollars and living the life because I took one piece of advice? NO. But I am murdering my to-do list every day and having more time to do whatever else it is I need to do with the latter part of my day after work. I know that the work will pay off.

Be honest, have you found yourself wanting immediate results just because you took an hour out of your day to watch a webinar? Are you willing to do the work? 

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