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Love is Dope

Love is dope. I don’t feel like we say it enough. Although I have heard people say they feel like they are inundated with people in love, I feel it’s the opposite. All day, every day on my timelines, I see a lot of negativity surrounding love. But I want to be the one to make it clear that love is one of the dopest things that we will experience in this life!  

Listen, I get it. We live in a different time. So many people like to play games. Social media has everyone thinking there is someone out there better for them than the person they’re with and divorce rates are sky high. But if the bad is all you focus on, the bad is all you will get. Just like the affirmations that we say for our lives, I think it’s just as important to say things like “Love is dope,” to remind ourselves that there is good even through all the challenges.

Of course we have goals in life, things to get done and all the things that we busy ourselves with. But we were created to love. It’s the commonality among all of us. We want to be loved, whether we are willing to admit it to ourselves or not. Does that always mean that we need to be chasing after it? NO. We get love from our children, our family, friends, and in our romantic relationships. But we’re better off when we are able to receive love and when we are able to freely give it. And don’t get me started on how much God’s love has changed my life.

So I am pretty excited about the latest sweatshirt that I cooked up! Yay! Just in time for Valentine’s Day people! The Love is Dope Sweatshirt is avails in the WLD Dreamer Shop! I hope that you like it. I love making these bold statements about love. SO many people told me that they would get stopped when they wore their Love on Purpose tees and I love that. I have even had someone ask me what it means. I told them “It’s a decision to love, so we have to be intentional about it.” And they LOVED it. And so this time around, we’re toting that love is DOPE.

Grab one for yourself or as a gift! Just make sure you spread the love!

I did a limited a run, so grab them NOW. I don’t want your emails telling me you missed it! 

Dear Love Letters

Dear Love Letters 

I am also excited that for the month of February I will be sending out Dear Love Letters. Just for the month, you can sign up to receive a handwritten Dear Love Letter in your mailbox! Sign up below and I promise you will be delighted when it arrives!