When Love is Bigger Than You

I never set out to write about love.

When Love is Bigger Than You

If you know my story, you know that my first book, Dear Love, was only about love based on notes I was writing on Instagram. There are enough relationship experts right? I mean some of them even give relationship advice without successful relationships. But I digress. It all started because of how much I was learning about God’s love for me. That was the starting point and it started to ooze into every part of how I related to others as well. 

I had no interest in trying to tell others how they should move in their relationships. But the farther I got in the journey, the more I realized that so many people had distorted views of what they thought relationships entailed. Simultaneously while learning about God’s love, I was falling more and more in love with my husband. We have grown so much together. We’ve been through tough times, good times, and uncertain times in the 6 years we’ve been together and I like to think I may have learned a thing or two in that time. There is that saying that says “Those who can’t do, teach.” Well, I believe that those who can do have a responsibility to teach. 

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I don’t claim to know it all. I’ve actually had to edit out some of the profuse, “I’m not there yets either” in this new book. But the reality is, none of us ever have it all figured out. And the moment that we think we do, that’s when life introduces us to something we’ve never experienced before and we have to pivot. So that’s why instead of just telling you what to do in your relationships, I am simply inviting you into my journey. Why not learn and grow together? 

Learning to be more intentional with my love has been such a point of revelation for me over these last few years. My husband challenges me to love as my best self instead of being content with putting forth some type of lazy effort. And I push him as well. We are the mirror that each of us needs. Then in that process of refinement in loving one another, we have also become better at loving our friends, family, and just people in general. So many people are so stingy with their love, when at the root of it, we were created in love and to love.

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I’m so happy to begin sharing Love on Purpose with you because I know how much more it makes possible. Love is not about always being hurt. Love is not about being labored. When you are doing it the way that God intended, love is something that will change the very fibers of your being. When we are working to make certain that the people in our lives are fulfilled, we don’t even realize how fulfilled we will be. When we let God be our example of love, we have a greater understanding that love is not simply about us, but a small part in such a larger plan. 

Love, is not always about you. Isn’t that funny? Isn’t that the opposite of what we are always taught? That it’s about how it makes you feel and if at any point it’s unfavorable you should leave, hopping from one empty relationship to the next. I just wanted to share from my heart that what most of us are categorizing as love IS NOT. But I am so glad that I have a better revelation of what it actually is. 

So Love on Purpose wasn’t about my need to tell you what I think about relationships. Well, it is and it isn’t. In a way, it’s so much bigger than me. I just want you to get it. I just want you to attract the love that is life changing, the love that doesn’t cause co-dependence or settling for less, but a love that will in so many ways set you free. It all starts with accepting that love is a decision, it’s a choice. 

The pre-sale of the book is under way! I am releasing just 50 pre-sale copies that will be signed, sealed, and delivered to you just in time for the new year. And they’re going already. Your purchase also includes a digital copy to get started on while you wait that will be delivered on Christmas Eve! 

If no one ever tells you, I love you like I love ice cream and that’s really saying a lot. 

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