WRITE | Living Out Loud with Discernment

Guard your heart and your timeline.

As bloggers, as creatives, as people born sometime in the eighties and beyond, we tend to live out loud. We pour our lives into text messages, emails, Facebook posts, and Tweets and honestly never really think much of it. But I have learned how to live out loud, but with a spirit of discernment.

“Everything is not for everybody,” I’ve heard a lot of people say recently. And it’s true. We honestly don’t have to share every waking moment of our lives, no matter what reality TV and social media has brain washed us to believe. As I grow in my writing, in my life, in my sharing, I have gained a keen sense of what to share and what to keep close.

First off, you really have to be careful what you share about your dreams and aspirations. Everyone is not rooting for you! I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it’s true. Sometimes when we put things so close to us out, we are allowing blessing blockers to speak negativity into things that haven’t even yet manifested. Try to write about things in hindsight without announcing your every move.

Some things should still just be personal. I find that it’s fairly easy to be transparent without necessarily giving up all the tapes to your life. For your sanity, you still deserve some privacy even if you have invited the world into your life as a blogger. The fact of the matter is, you always get to choose what you share. Sometimes I write out blogs that I never post. At least I got it out right? And then maybe one day, later down the line, I’ll be willing to share.

You don’t owe anyone your life. We see it with celebrities all the time where fans are so in tune and just want to know their every waking moment. But all they really owe us is their talent. Don’t be afraid that if you started out telling your business that you don’t think you can eventually pull back. Again you get the right to choose and I think your readers will honestly understand.

I do my best to be transparent on this blog. To tell you about my struggles, my triumphs, the things that I am working to be better at, etc. But I also know that there is a way to do so without compromising my relationship, friendships, and more.

So I just want to charge you that even if you don’t blog, but with your social media, that you just decide what’s important to keep close to you, to keep sacred. And if you’re a person who is like “I don’t mind posting everything,” that’s great too! Just be comfortable with where you’re at. I just find it important to be mindful of my sharing choices. We don’t know all of our followers and friends on these platforms, and so I just find in my life that it works to be cautious and intentional with what I share. And I am also intentional about who I follow and allow to pop up on my feeds. You’ll often hear me say, “Guard your heart and your timeline!”

Do you find that you have to be thoughtful about what you share as a blogger? Or just on your social media?                     

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