Life Comes at You Fast

“Life comes at your fast,” couldn’t be a more accurate adage in this day and time.

Life Comes at You Fast

Every time I hear it, I nod profusely in agreement that sometimes life changes in an instant and if you’re not on somewhat of a solid foundation it will literally knock you right over. Someone was let go in my company and the proverbial ish all got really real. 

There have been so many things floating around in regard to this mix between entrepreneurial life and business and it sent me into a frenzy of thoughts about my own journey. Yesterday was definitely a wake up call in addition to so many other things that I have seen lately in my view and so I wanted to just explore those thoughts. 

There’s that quote that has been floating around about your salary being a bribe to forget your dreams or something to that effect. First of all, dumb. LOL. Sometimes we try so hard to be inspirational that we just sound dumb. As a person who still works a full-time job in addition to my purpose pursuits, I can attest to the fact that my salary has made way for my dreams in more ways than one. 

My salary has funded this dream and pays for the hosting for this blog that you are reading right now. We put so much pressure on people to get out from under the “man,” which I understand to a certain extent, but entrepreneurship is not for everybody. And it’s not for everybody right this second. Again, life comes at you fast and I know plenty of people that quit their full-time jobs and were not just sailing off into the self-employed wind. They ended up with jobs, again, because they simply weren’t prepared. 

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It is a goal of mine to eventually work for myself. BUT … it is not because of any pseudo-inspirational quote that I’ve seen on Instagram. My why is more based in wanting to be able to spend the first year with my kids when I have them and it’s rooted in the fact that I don’t really like anyone telling me what to do no matter the job. I kind of have this thing with authority. And it’s also because I have gotten “woke” about the importance of ownership. We work these jobs that give us percentages as raises yet the owners are making out like fat cats. I want to own some ish. I don’t want to forever be at the bottom of that pyramid. 

A recurring theme for me this year has definitely been encouraging people to define their goals for themselves. In an information age, we just get so caught up in what everyone is saying that we don’t even realize we are veering off the track that we set for ourselves. I too saw glitter and lights when I stumbled upon the six-figure bloggers and thought yes, that’s what I need in my life and then when all was settled and I could see straight again I thought, “that is not me or my goal.” Sure I’d like to make six figures from something in life, but it won’t be course launches on branding. Maybe writing, but I digress. 

In either case, as much as I want to spend my days on the zillions of ideas that I have and creating dope things, finding out that a friend of mine was getting the axe was a wake up call. I complain often about having to work a “job.” But I realized just how important that job is to me at this point in my life. I tweeted the other day about the fact that the first year that I had my business, I walked into my accountant’s office and had no idea how much I made or spent on my business. The second year of my business, I kept better track of my income and expenses and realized I lost a whole lot of money. This third year, things are shaping up and I have made a lot more and cut my losses considerably. Maybe, just maybe by 2018, I will actually turn a profit. 

This my friend is the reality of business. We are always guessing that if we leave our 9 to 5 we will have more time and therefore make more money in our business but that is NOT the case. My goal is to build such a sustainable business model on the side that I have no choice but to leave my full-time job because I can no longer keep up with the production of it. My husband is an entrepreneur, I have a front row seat to the great victories and the tough struggles that it comes with. You keep believing other people’s lives somehow apply to you and see where you end up. Some people can do the entrepreneurship thing because their partners have a steady income. You never know other people’s situation that they probably don’t share the details of.

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My point here is that, at some point in my life, I thought getting fired from my job might be one of the best things that could happen to me and force me into my business full-time. I mean I’ve heard the stories of others and literally thought, GAH what a perfect scenario that pushed them into their dream. But my business is NOT ready yet. I do not make enough money not to end up in a cardboard box downtown if I am not careful. I want to buy a house, I want to have a family, I want to be stable— all these things are possible because I have a great job with benefits and a good enough salary.

The truth here is that in the moment that I was told about this at work, I thought, “what does this mean for me?” Are they going to get rid of more people? What is my game plan if they do? SHEER panic. And I felt stupid for every moment that I moaned about a job that isn’t all that bad, my interest just COMPLETELY changed since the time that I was hired. We lust over things, we complain about what we don’t have but life, my friend, comes at you fast. Are you ready for it? 

This is the year that I am ready to kick into gear and up the ante. My phrase for the year has been “elevate your game.” But that takes time. And I will tell you what, that this morning, I woke up with praise on my lips and gratitude in my heart that it wasn’t me getting fired. That I had more time to figure this thing out. I heard Toure Roberts say that “life is unfolding,” which I thought was great. We get caught up thinking that where we are is where we will end. It’s continually unfolding. Right now you are working the job and the side hustle and you’re tired. But that doesn’t mean that you will always. Stay the course. Be disciplined. And stop letting other people’s goals become yours. And when I say you, I mean me. 

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The truth about business is that it’s hard. And without business school, a lot of us are learning as we go. Ultimately, I trust God’s plan, so whatever happens, happens. I am smart enough to know that whatever he has planned for me is better than anything I can think. But I did have a perspective switch. I did get refreshed on how grateful I am to be where I am. 

Whenever you get anxious about feeling like others are farther than you or like you just want to up and quit (which hey, sometimes works for people), just try to remember that life comes at you fast.