How We End Up in Jobs We Hate

I’m not sure that it is anyone’s goal to end up in a job where there is no room for growth or they work 70 hours a week without seeing their family.

How We End Up in Jobs We Hate

But many of us end up there right? It’s crazy to think about it. But we go to school, we get the degrees, we get the debt and then we get the job. At first we are super thrilled about it and can’t image that we can actually get paid to do X,Y,Z. But when the novelty wears off, we look up and think, “Why am I here?”

I know the hate part is probably a bit of hyperbole. You may not hate your job. I surely don’t. I have a great job, but my mindset when I started definitely is completely different than where I am now. I just have a lot more of a mind of ownership than I did when I was 25 years old, fresh out of college, and coming out of working at a restaurant for 6 years or so. This is the most that I have ever made in my life. Not saying it’s a bunch, but I told you, I came out of college working at a restaurant so stay with me. But I also know that eventually there is more I want to achieve.

Sometimes people act as though getting out of a job is easy. It’s definitely not. I think it’s important to evaluate how you got there before you really understand what your next steps might be. So what are some of the top ways we end up in jobs we hate?

1. We think that money is the goal. I can’t tell you how many of my friends got out of school and thought that the main objective was to make money. Well, a few years in, the money simply is not enough. Listen, the amount of people that I have seen quit 6-figure jobs is evident of that. I’m thinking in my head, “who quits a 6-figure job?” Ha! But clearly there was a bigger call or pull on them that didn’t necessarily involve the money.

2. We change our minds. Listen, I started out wanting to be a songwriter and quickly realized that wasn’t really what I wanted to continue to do. So this may have happened to you as well. You started out in a certain field and life happens and it’s no longer what you want to do. That’s okay! It’s cool to change your mind, you just have to evaluate what the next steps may be to get into a position that you want and that is fulfilling to you.

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3. We don’t see a way out. Listen, you are not stuck. I promise you. Though there is no “Get Out of a Job” quick card, it is possible. Sometimes we are at a dead end job because we have no idea how to begin the steps to make the change. We think that we don’t have the skills for what we would actually like to do or we think that this is the only way to feed our family. Sometimes we even think it’s just irresponsible to leave a good job even if every morning we dread going.

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So these are some ways that we get there, but the good news is, there is always a way out! You don’t have to be a slave to what you decided to do. If it doesn’t serve you anymore, work on a plan to change it. Be patient and prayerful about it. Sometimes you are at that job for a reason and once you gain what you need, you can move on. I love the scripture from the book of Esther:

“…but thou and thy father's house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14.

You may be there for a reason. Again, that doesn’t mean forever. Consult God, invite him into your apprehension. Allow yourself to hear from him on the right moves to make. I love that recently I listened to something that said when we are seeking God diligently, he makes himself known to us. He doesn’t hide. So that’s the first step and then you get the plan in motion to get going. When it’s built on a solid foundation, the possibilities will be endless.

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Fear not! Change is always possible and though you currently may be in a situation that you are not fond of in your career, use it as the motivation to turn it around.

Have you ever thought something was going to be the greatest and then it turned out not to be?