Jack Jones Literary Arts Writing Retreat

Photo: Kima Jones, Jack Jones Literary Arts

Photo: Kima Jones, Jack Jones Literary Arts

I am a firm believer of curated timelines. I know there may be some people that I offend because I don’t follow back, but discoveries like these make it all worthwhile. As some of you know, I am working on a lot of projects that involve writers and specifically writers of color. So I have been making sure to also curate my timeline in such a way that reflects that. I’m all about learning and gathering opportunities through social media. If we’re going to waste our lives away, it ought to be on something useful. 

I stumbled upon Kima Jones and her company Jack Jones Literary Arts through something on the interwebs. That’s how the internet works, you never quite remember how you got there, but nonetheless. She is an accomplished writer herself and also a publicist that almost solely represents black women and women of color in literature. 

Funny enough, I always had this vision of a writing retreat, but I guess in my own head, I thought it would be my own. But I realized I have a lot more work to do before I would be able to pull that off. So cue in The Retreat that is being presented by Jack Jones! This is a two-week retreat at The Writer’s Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The retreat will take place in October, but the deadline to submit is May 1, 2017. 

You can check out the full list of speakers and requirements here. What are the cliffnotes? 

  • Project Proposal - you will need to write a proposal for the book project you intend to work on. 
  • Letter of Reference - one letter of reference from someone who can speak to your love and commitment to literature. 
  • Writing Sample - 20 pages of prose, 10 pages if poetry.
  • Application Fee - $25 application fee. 
  • Retreat Cost - $1050 plus airfare, but there are numerous fellowships that you can also apply for. 

Specifically for women of color that are working on a book project, I want to encourage you to apply. I, myself will be applying because it sounds wonderful. But I know how we get. As writers, we think, are we really good enough? If I submit do I have a chance of getting selected? The bottom line is, who cares? 

I don’t know if I’m good enough. I clearly would like to think so or else, what am I even here for? But I know that this sounds like an amazing opportunity to grow as a writer and to work on my next book project. I would be crazy not to take advantage of simply applying for it. You will miss every shot that you don’t take. But hey, if you don’t apply, that’s honestly less competition for me, so …. It’s up to you! Ha! 

But honestly, check this out and tap into the work that Jack Jones is producing. This is of course right up the alley of my latest project Permission to Write, so be sure to check that out and consider submitting as well. 

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