Independent, Do What That Means?

Welcome to the Independent Author Series for the month of May! 

I looked up the job of a publishing company and realized that their job is every single thing that I’ve done for myself for the release of my first two books. On a much larger and efficient scale of course but stay with me. Being an independent author is no easy feat. It can seem like a glamorous thing to release a book, but the reality is that it takes a lot of work if people will ever know that it exists. 

Outside of the book tours and the design and marketing plans, one thing that a major publishing company should be doing is helping you become a better writer. I hear this may neither be here or there. But I would hope that you would work with some really strong editors. Nonetheless, everything is a balancing act. So yes the marketing, the promo, the pretty graphics are important, but then it also has to be our best work. 

Who is helping you become the best version of yourself as a writer? I know that I have been looking for that person and so I figured while I wait, I will share with you as much as I know. We’re in this together as independent writers. We are a community that is fighting to be heard and for the viable opportunity to write our truths and our journeys and our observations of the world around us. 

This is important work. 

Know that even if you do decide to take a more traditional route in major publishing, you are still going to have to be an active participant in the success of your own book. 

When it comes to our books, there are three important areas to focus on: 

  • Building Your Platform 
  • Developing Your Concept 
  • Storytelling 

I am breaking each of these down into their own respective blog posts. This series will feature blogs, author interviews, and a few live broadcasts! Here’s the schedule: 

  • May 2nd - Building Your Platform (Blog) 
  • May 4th - Tyece Wilkins Interview (Blog) 
  • May 7th - From Conception to Completion (Live Chat) 
  • May 16th - Developing Your Concept (Blog) 
  • May 18th - Leah Grey Interview (Blog) 
  • May 21st - Marketing and Promo (Live Chat) 
  • May 23rd - Storytelling (Blog) 
  • May 25th - Vaughn Dabney Interview (Blog) 
  • May 26th - Working Lunch @ 12:30 PM EST ($15) review manuscript sample, answer additional questions in a Google Hangout discussion. Register Here. Limited space. 

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