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I just like to share my wins in hopes that it will help you create some of your own as well!
5 Things I Did to Improve My Blog

I know. We’re always trying to get better. Always learning and garnering as much information as we can to get better. But it’s most rewarding when we actually implement things and can see an immediate result. I mean we are the microwave generation right? Well, without the sense of entitlement, I definitely set out this year to get to the next level in my writing and my business and I’m really pleased with where things are heading!

So I wanted to share with you some of the top 5 things I worked on this year that have definitely helped me see a change in this blog. Here goes nothing!

1. Updating the site – I literally just set out to get some new promo pics because I realized the ones I was using were over 4 years old. Yeah, really old. In either case, I was so happy to link with my friend Ashlee Douglas of AED Photography and had no idea she would take the photos that would begin re-shaping the site and branding in general! Giving WriteLaughDream a facelift with new photos helped me fall in love with my site all over again and ignited a new fire to make better and better content.

2. Creating a Lead Magnet – I noticed that my email list got a little stagnant. I really wanted to focus on pushing that number up before the end of the year. Like many people, I knew I needed an email list but wasn’t really keen on how to use it as effectively as I should have. And so honing in on my blog’s real purpose, which we’ll get to in one of these other steps, I created the Maximizing Your Growth guide to give to readers that signed up for the newsletter. For my first go around, it came out pretty cool, but I am really looking forward to creating something great for you all in the New Year as well. I met my short term goal and was even challenged to shoot higher! And so I am aiming for 1,000 subscribers with my next lead. Eyes on the stars and feet on the ground as Teddy Roosevelt said it.

3. HONING IN – This year I have talked about how my theme was focus and running my own race. One of the best things that I could have done was figuring out a direction for making money as well as for the content that I produce here weekly. In trying to figure out exactly what it was that I was doing here, I learned that no matter whether I am talking about love, life, or pursuing my dreams, I am always talking about growth! And so I realized that’s what this blog does and I was able to really focus my energy on how to help my tribe grow while I share about my own journey as well. I feel so much less overwhelmed now that I am really focused on my strengths and talents and doing my best not to let my mind wander to what everyone else is doing. A work in progress still, but I am far from where I used to be.

4. Writing Better – Let me tell you what is gratifying. Being in conversation with others and expressing how hard I have been working on the blog and to hear in reply “It shows.” We work so often with our heads down pressing to the goal and never really take enough time to evaluate if what we’re doing is actually working. Do they notice? And well the moment you realize they do, it’s like a hallelujah moment! I needed to write better. I needed to listen more to my audience and I needed to understand who my actual audience was. Though I knew it was mostly 24-34, African-American women, I didn’t realize how many were writers too! In walks The Writer’s Muse, Writers Write and The Writer, The Brand. These were things I wouldn’t have thought of in my own strength to do. But over this year, I realized writers were connected to me and I wanted to be connected to them too!

5. Accepting that I am enough – I have found that this is the most important step that most people skip over in business advice! In order to step out, to pursue your dreams and goals, use your gifts and talents to the fullest, you have to accept that you are enough. Know that people will read the book, buy the product, take the course or attend the event. Whatever it is, if it is good enough and you put the work into it, people will flock to it. People crave authenticity and good stuff. Add those two ingredients and you’re good to go. When I began to get this revelation, I was so much more confident and let less things hinder my progress and the things I wanted to try for this blog and business! Again, still working. Some days I don’t know if anyone cares, but ultimately I have accepted that I have a gift, it’s mine, no one can take it away from me and God will open doors no man can close. No matter what it looks like!   

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BONUS: Okay, really it was hard to narrow it down to just 5. LOL. But I also began trusting myself and experimenting with graphics. I have been so pleased at revamping my logo mark, creating a brand board, and creating all the dope worksheets I share with you guys! Definitely outside of my comfort zone, but hey, that’s where things to die right?


I know, there are a million businesses trying to tell you how to create a business. LOL! But I just like to share my wins in hopes that it will help you create some of your own as well! Did you sign up for the For Dreamer’s Only newsletter to receive the Not Another Vision Board worksheet? If not, you can download below. I’m looking forward to being just as intentional in this upcoming year.

Please share what have been some of your best practices this year. Investments, strategies, or decisions? Were you able to see immediate results? Let’s take an opportunity to learn from one another.

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