DREAM | The Importance of Workspace

Being a writer and general creative person, inspiration is EVERYTHING and I realize that my workspace is so uninspired. Ha!
The Importance of Workspace

I touched on this a little in my post about having the discipline to work from home. But I figured I would elaborate a little more as I am currently in the process of revamping my workspace. As I sat at my desk facing the wall with insurmountable tasks ahead of me, I looked around my work space and thought, “This is so not motivating!” In this day and age, staying focused is a TASK! But I definitely think the look and feel of our workspace can certainly help.

So previously I talked about how important it is to simply have a work space. That was the first step. So many people that work from home work from their couch or bed, which is great for some, but for others, we actually feel more productive and like a “business” if we actually work from a desk. I am certainly one of those people. Not that I don’t also get tons done after hours away from my desk, but ultimately I like having that space to really dive in and trick my mind into the fact that this is now business and not personal. That was actually one of the biggest concerns when my company first went mobile. They wanted to be certain that employees would be able to separate their personal space from their work space and I have to say that it definitely helps to be able to turn that part off when I need to.

The other thing I recently encountered was just wanting to have a NICER workspace. Being a writer and general creative person, inspiration is EVERYTHING and I realize that my workspace is so uninspired. Ha! I tried with my vision boards and some reminders of the things that I want and whatnot, but it’s still not cohesive enough for me. So I am embarking on redesigning my space and though I wish I could just roll into Home Goods and make it all happen, it will definitely be a project over time. But I’m pumped! I created a Pinterest board full of inspiration of course, that I am adding to on the daily.

Every day I wake up and envision a life of greatness, purpose, and impact and I need my workspace to reflect that. I’m such a visual person at this point in my life and I want a space that makes me feel like I can definitely conquer the day! So I am looking forward to my little pet project. I am actually in an overall space of wanting change in my apartment that was definitely spawned from visiting model homes with my parents. Whether you are in your dream house yet or not, you need to create a space that excites you and that makes you happy when you walk in or wake up. And so I plan to do just that with my little work nook.

Great work involves keeping our minds right and staying motivated. And if you’re anything like me, sometimes you need that motivation bad. HAHA! SO I can’t wait to share the “before” and after with you guys. That reminds me that I need to take pics now because I already repainted my cork board. Lol. Let me know if you may want some insight on the DIY projects as I am too cheap to buy certain things if I can do it myself.

Also, I created these prints for my desk that I figured would be nice to include in the WLD Dreamer Shop if you wanted them for your space as well. They’re handmade gold foil prints on premium cardstock from my fave, Paper Source. Up on the site now are the 8x10s, but I also recently created 5x7 prints. All in a days work!

How do you stay motivated at work? Do you have quotes up? Pictures of loved ones? Vision boards? Let me know in the comments below.