Dream | The Help You Need But Can’t Afford

All of sudden, my business felt so personal and I was really afraid to let someone in on that.

I didn’t realize I worked like I had a team until multiple people told me they thought I had one. I’m far from a one man band though, because the support of my friends and family means everything to the successes I’ve achieved so far. But in a formal capacity, I haven’t had any team outside of an intern since a month ago but I am certainly seeing the importance of having one.

Currently, I have an intern that helps in multiple capacities but mainly oversees the BBB Series and just this past month I’ve begun working with someone on bookings. And that’s it! As bloggers we sometimes don’t think about the immense amount of work that goes into what we do. And the other thing we don’t realize is how much bringing on a team can give us more time to simply create, which is really what creatives need to be able to focus on.

So where in lies the rub? Well you get to a point where you know you have enough going on to need extra help, but you look at your pockets which tell you something extremely different. I’m literally working with two people who I am not paying nearly what they’re worth and it is LE STRUGGLE. But one thing I have surely learned is that I am not into free labor. With free labor you become an option instead of a priority. A lot of people talk about free interns and homie hook ups but that rarely pans out the way I would like.

So I often find myself between the rock and hard place. Whatever that means. Ha! I can clearly see the need for additional help but until I myself can maximize my profit through blogging, speaking, events, etcetera, I just have to be able to work it out with what I have.

The other thing that I have learned in this process is that you also have to be ready to work in a team environment. Some of us that are so used to doing it all ourselves have to learn to let go of the reigns a bit. I didn’t think that would be an issue for me at all until I was approached about working with someone. All of sudden, my business felt so personal and I was really afraid to let someone in on that. You also get this thought of, man will someone get the credit for all the work I’ve put in so far? All those were unexpected feelings I didn’t think I would experience but I am an advocate of the phrase “give up to go up” and so I got over all that quickly!

There is also that important factor of bringing in people that have similar morals, drive and work ethic like you do. You could be the greatest PR person ever, but if you are not a nice person, you will not fit this brand's aesthetic. So we often have to be conscious of that as well when choosing the people we will work with in a team setting. 

Normally I have some type of resolve, some answers, but this go around I am Sway navigating this situation just like you. A team will be great when I find it but in the meantime I’ll never be one to use not having a team as an excuse. You have to bust your butt so that people believe in what you’re doing and will hop on once the train is already moving. And until then, I’m pretty pleased that the product I produce looks like there are a lot more people standing behind me than there actually are.

How have you been able to make the transition between bringing more people on board to further your business? Or are you in a similar boat? 

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