Heart Check Podcast with Reyel

“When it comes to true love, pride is the destroyer of it ... It’s the ego that has the voice of false reason. It’s the voice that says controlling your mate is okay. That micromanaging everything they do is okay. Pride wants bondage and it uses manipulation to get things done. Love is freedom, it’s not control.”

Reyel, Writer, Healer, Creator

Reyel was referred to me by a member of my mastermind group and I am so grateful for the connection. I love that Reyel has turned her own experience into the power to help others. Through her Twitter account, she talks all about self-care as it pertains to love, highlighting that when we do not take care of ourselves, we are no good to others. I so enjoyed our candid conversation communication and killing self-pride. Reyel dropped numerous gems along the way so be sure to take some notes!

In this episode we talk about:

  • The transparency that it takes to be vulnerable.
  • Learning the importance of our voice.
  • The opportunity grow in relationships.
  • Eradicating fear and starting anew.
  • Love as freedom and not control.

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