Heart Check Podcast with Dilemma

"If you really love them, what are you doing to show that you love them? And what are they doing to show that they love you? What's the evidence?" 


DILEMMA, music producer, DJ, Husband

For this podcast I decided to talk to the love of my life. That's right, Mr. Thomas ladies and gents! The intro of "Love on Purpose" starts with an important quote from this guy. He was the first person to really introduce me to the concept that love is a choice. After 5 years and change of dating and 4 months (we both had it wrong in the podcast) of marriage, I thought he may have some wisdom to share with you guys!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Making the decision to love
  • Learning how to forgive ourselves and others
  • Being a part of the bigger plan when it comes to love
  • Having God as a foundation in relationships
  • And much more!

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