Heart Check Podcast with Kevin Carr

“Some of the challenges [in dating] we face are because we go into it with a negative outlook.” 
-Kevin Carr


Kevin Carr, What I've Learned About Dating

Kevin Carr is the author of “What I’ve Learned About Dating.” Not only a writer but a charismatic speaker who has traveled across the country workshopping with students and spreading his message about #datingresponsibly. Kevin has a no fluff approach and gives great perspective about the dating scene, setting expectations and being real with yourself about what you want and what you are attracting. He’s honest, insightful and full of gems that will help you navigate the dating and love scene.

In this episode we had the opportunity to chat about:

  • Balancing being led by our emotions.
  • How men and women process emotions differently.
  • Cultivating a safe environment for vulnerability.
  • Being able to discern who is a good person vs. good for you.
  • #relationshipgoals or the lack thereof.

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