Heart Check Podcast with Amanda Brown

“My relationship with God has taught me everything that I know about love now. It has flipped my definition of love upside down, literally.” 
-Amanda Brown


Episode 1 | Amanda Brown, Beautiful Soul

First and foremost, I feel it’s important to note here that I have known Amanda since 5th grade and it’s amazing to see someone grow from that space. Okay cool so …. Amanda has an amazing story. Over two years ago she packed up her family of 5 and decided to move to LA to take the chase of her dreams to the next level. After making amazing moves and landing a position on the hot show Love and Hip Hop Hollywood doing makeup, she realized just how unfulfilled she was. In pursuit of a new relationship with God, she decided to move back to her hometown to pursue a brand new perspective on beauty, God, and self-care.

So in this episode we touch on:

  • The ability to be vulnerable as a parent with our children.
  • Learning to relate to your partner when they express themselves differently than you.
  • The decisions and sacrifices that we make in order to show that we love.
  • God as our safety net to combat our fear of being hurt.
  • Confronting ourselves in our inability to trust.

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Instagram: @mandamakeup@beabeautifulsoul