Heart Check Podcast with Anthonia Akitunde

“Back to what I was saying about us being a little fixed. Sometimes it’s hard to break out of patterns even when we know they’re not good for us because we’re still expecting it to feel good, as good as it did when we first started.” 
- Anthonia Akitunde

Anthonia Akitunde, Mater Mea

Anthonia Akitunde Headshot: Emmanuel Hahn for Arq

I love the website Mater Mea which talks all about the intersection of career and motherhood. I first stumbled upon it after seeing an interview with writer and maker, Alex Elle. I was amazed by beautiful images that showcased women of color in this sensitive way that you just don’t see too often. So I reached out to Anthonia Akitunde, the founder, initially thinking she was a mother herself! HA! To talk all about familial love ... Though she is not yet a mom, she is engaged and about to embark on the beautiful journey of marriage with her fiance and we got the opportunity to talk all about her pending nuptials and her experience in getting to a healthier definition of love in her own life.

It felt like I’d known Anthonia for years! So here’s what we touched on:

  • Love as emotional and physical security.
  • The infamous “list” when it comes to finding our partners.
  • The myth of marriage and what it really entails.
  • The dynamic of love when it comes to our partners, friends, and/or family.
  • Feelings Vs. actions in love.

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