Growing Into Grace on Periscope

Growing Into Grace Chat

Continuing on from my Growing Into Grace series from the month of March, I will be doing a weekly chat on Periscope! 

Short, sweet and to the point, each live stream will feature a topic that I pick as well as an opportunity for all of you to ask questions about growing as a woman, growing in career, love, relationships and more! 

Submit your questions in one of three ways!

1. Live on Periscope! Be sure to follow me @writelaughdream.

2. By using the hashtag #G2GChat on Twitter

3. Using the comments section below! 

You can submit your questions at any time and I will save them for the pop up Growing Into Grace Chat on Periscope. I will post on all my social media, an hour before the chat goes live!  I look forward to connecting with all of you through a bit of a different medium! 

Ashley M Coleman