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The rhythm of the show, the cinematography, everything is like the perfect prose.

Okay, was I the only one yelling at the computer screen? No, I couldn’t have been because this finale was TOO GOOD! There is just so much that happened that I may just have to do this recap in list form. I don’t know if I have the dexterity to put it eloquently in paragraphs.  

  • Find someone who loves you enough to push you toward your dreams. Sometimes it’s really hard in relationships when two people are working towards their goals. But this episode shows you that sometimes you just have to compromise and put another person’s needs before your own. Charlie could not let her pass up the opportunity of a lifetime, just to be with him. Though I know a lot of us were a little confused because Charlie was, from our understanding, unemployed. Lol. If one person is unemployed you gotta come with the one with the better offer. Haha!
  • Let this be a testament that you never know when your man is going to propose! I can’t tell how many of my friends and maybe myself (shhh), have wondered, “Well when is he going to do it?” You don’t know what he could be putting in motion without you knowing. Be patient. When you have a good one, he’s working on it! And can we talk about how cute and nervous Charlie was when telling her father he wanted to marry her?
  • Momma always knows! Love that momma just came right over knowing that Robin needed to talk. That is such a true thing. I love that my mom is someone I can go to whenever I have no idea what to do about something.
  • LOVE the brother’s story about his proposal. Someone recently asked about the “fireworks” of a proposal. Like they wanted a puppy to run out or something extravagant and to me it seemed so silly. And then I realized I don’t need the grand gesture, someone telling you that they want to spend the rest of their LIFE with you is the grand gesture.
  • A man that prays. Do I hear the church saying amen? I remember the first time my BF said, let’s pray, I was looking at him like “What?” At the time I was living in my own world and was not thinking about developing my faith. That taught me something, that in the tough times, he would know where his strength came from.
  • WHY? Why would they leave us hanging like that? It is the season finale so I get it, but I think I yelled, “Come on Charlie!” at the end there. There were too many times you thought it was going to happen and then nothing. But with life constantly coming at you, it can be a bit nerve wrecking to find the “right” time.

Times I cried...

-        When Katori tried on her wedding dress.

-        When Charlie prayed.

-        Almost every time Robin cried

-        When he tapped the car the second time


I just adore the way this show makes me feel. The rhythm of the show, the cinematography, everything is like the perfect prose.

It is the perfect reminder at times of just how blessed I am to have someone I don’t want to live without in my life. I always want to hug him a little tighter or tell him he’s amazing or just go lay under him after I am done watching. I know so corny, but it’s honest and hey honest is kind of my thing.

I encourage you to support their movement. Kudos to Jahmela Biggs, William Catlett, Issa Rae and all the other dope people involved in creating such a quality piece of work for us hopeless romantics.

Watch the finale below if you haven’t caught it. And let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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