Don't Be Afraid of Your Level Up

There are moments in your life that will simply change you.

Don't Be Afraid of Your Next Level Up

All of a sudden the light bulb will go off and the way that you were approaching things may completely change. For me, that was the keynote from independent producer, author and former President of Telemundo, Nely Galan at Blogalicious 8. I’m actually pretty cynical about conferences and panels in my old age, lol. But I was truly inspired by her talk. As I plan for the new year, I have bigger plans than I may have expected and surprisingly enough, I’m afraid. 

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“Who do you think you are?” is a phrase that often resounds in my mind. Why do I think I’m so special? Why am I trying so hard to be something and somebody? What makes me think that I can actually live out my dreams and inspire others to do the same? But here was this woman, the daughter of Cuban immigrants who decided that the status quo wasn’t enough for her. She was bold, ambitious, and not really one to take no for an answer. I am certain that there were a lot of moments where someone thought, “who does she think she is?”

But the reality here is that we all are somebody. We all have a purpose here and do you think that somehow God said, I’m going to do it for these select people but not for others? NOPE. We all have our lane. And everyone’s won’t be the same. You know I’m all about Beyonce’s amazingness, but we all won’t be Beyonce. But we can be the Beyonce in whatever it is God has called us to do. 

In that keynote, Galan mentioned just switching her perspective really changed the course of her career. After not making money on her business for 4-years, the tiniest adjustment helped her to realize what she was doing wrong and then everything changed. I feel like I am in that same place. I feel that I have made amazing progress over the past three years, but I am ready to flip the switch that will take my business and life into overdrive. 

“Don’t buy shoes, buy buildings.” This was one of the key gems that stuck out to me so much. I am not even a “buying all the shoes” type girl. I am more like the “Stop eating out, buy buildings,” type girl. But nonetheless, although I have always wanted to own property, this was such a reinforcement that the time may be sooner than later. This was also on the heels of having a conversation with my cousin about wanting to own a venue someday. So God has his way of getting the message to you. 

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So here I am now, adding “buy a building” to my goals for like 2017-2018 and I am thinking what? Lol. Can I do that? I know I want to do that because owning property is smart. But can I do it? And so with that, it also has me thinking about how to run my business smarter. And really cutting down on the distractions and focusing on what I want to do which is bring my workshops and brunches to new cities, write, and help you write. Piece by piece I am learning how to do that in a way that serves you but can also generate profit. Hey, you have to make the money to buy the buildings. Come on somebody! 

I am having this shift of not only being the content creator but the vehicle for the content. And that type of shifting is filled with the need to be excellent and dedicated and savvy in business. And I am thinking, holy crap, am I qualified? In those moments though, I always remember that God does not necessarily call the qualified, He qualifies the called. The reality here is all I have to do is be willing and God really fills in the rest. Without him, I am not that smart or that business savvy or that confident. But with Him? Well, any and everything that I can dream or imagine is possible. 

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I will not be afraid of what it takes to be excellent. I will not be afraid to be the person that lays the blueprint for someone else to follow. I will not be afraid to trailblaze some of the things that I want to do. Because someone has to do it and why not me? If only we just switched that self-talk from why me? To why not me? I think that we would be in much better shape. 

The thing is, I am writing out these goals, ideas, and plans and I am like really? But there is this reassurance that the things that scare me are right where I am supposed to be. Nothing grows where we are comfortable. Period. And so though my blog and business has served me well up until this point, it is truly time to elevate the game. Which is my theme for 2017 by the way. 

I think of the work that it will take and I am overwhelmed. But I am prayerful that God will bring the right team to me to make them all happen and that he will give me the wisdom to work smarter and not harder. Don’t let fear undermine your destiny. Don’t be afraid of what it will take you to level up or be excellent because it’s already in you. God gave it to you so you would be ready for such a time as this. 

Have you ever found yourself afraid of your goals and dreams? How do you work to overcome it?