Creating Great Events on a DIY Budget

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We live in a digital age and it's been great for us as bloggers, writers, musicians, and more to get the word out about what we're doing. But there is something that will never go away about being given the opportunity to connect with people in person! I love it. When I am at speaking at engagements or hosting my own events, I absolutely love when people come up to me and tell me how they read the blog and follow me on social networks, etc. and I always have such a memorable experience with them. And so in addition to blogging, I continually have this need to create a space for women to come and share and connect. 

Many don't know that for my full-time work, I work for The Recording Academy which is a professional organization for music professionals. We are charged with creating programming for our members and it's where I have learned so much about how to make events work. I've learned from the failures and the victories really. But it helped prepare me for my own DIY events, which are on a much smaller scale than the things we do, production experience is certainly scalable! 

So many bloggers that I meet are afraid of hosting their own events though they often feel that there is a void in the programming that they attend. I felt the same way, except I decided to do something about it! From the BBB Series events, my book release event, Dear Love Brunches and my very first writing workshop, The Writer's Muse, I've learned a ton! 

I'm so excited about sharing some of the information that I've learned with all of you this Tuesday, July 21 at 8:30pm. Please note the call time changed! Sorry I had to move it around to make an important meeting. However, we are going to chat just like last time! Come with your questions ready! Be sure that you sign up to receive the dial-in information tomorrow morning and so that I can send you the follow up materials! 

I am also testing this online meeting! So I will send you the link to participate in that part as well. Figured some visuals may be a little helpful for this one! 

Can't wait to chat with you! You can check out the recording from last month's call on Self-Publishing here.