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Dame Dash May Have Had a Point

I was thinking the other day that former label exec and entrepreneur, Dame Dash kind of had a point in his infamous Breakfast Club interview on Power 105.1. In the interview, it could be said that Dame Dash kind of talked down on host, DJ Envy and his counterparts for having a “job” where they don’t necessarily own the company they’re working for. I know it came off a little brash and maybe even rude to say the least. But, as I was dealing with a somewhat troubling email at my place of employment, I thought to myself, I do not want to teach my kid to have to deal with this ish either.

Now he completely went left saying “How can a man, call another man, Boss, that’s like calling another man Daddy.” But I mean come on, it’s Dame Dash. What’s a Dame Dash interview without the theatrics? However, just like any interview I listen to with Kanye, I have learned how to find the truth between the rhetoric that’s often a part of the rants of people like them. They’re actually pretty smart and often making some points between the craziness. The bigger picture here was the idea of ownership and that concept being very important for some people like Dame Dash, other entrepreneurs and what I find is important for myself.

Without going into too much detail, I recently found myself asking a friend if I should respond to an email that was basically questioning something that directly involved me but was sent to my boss from a higher up. We had the situation under control, but as is the job of bosses, I guess they had to send an email to make sure that they in turn were doing their job and then a lot of politics ensued after that. In either case, I thought, “there is no way I want to have to teach my kid how to navigate bull crap corporate politics.”

And sure, it may just be my job, though I doubt it. I don’t know. I actually don’t have a ton of corporate experience because I am convinced that this is my first and last time dealing in this world in the capacity of being an employee. However, it just felt so belittling and like I could easily get completely thrown under the bus at any moment and meanwhile I am out here desperately doing my best.

There are a few issues with jobs for me. Ownership, as Dame Dash was alluding to is definitely one of them for me. We spend 40 hours, more than likely more than that at times if you are salaried, building other people’s companies, other people’s dreams. If we are lucky in this day and age you may be able to ride it out for a pension. But for most of us, that will never happen. We are easily replaced by whatever new hotshot comes along or if our numbers don’t add up for this week. We are constantly at the whim of a boss’ instruction and cover their own behind tactics. I own nothing at my current job, not even the desk that I work on. I want to be able to own something.

Dame also asked all the hosts whether they were able to give any part of their current job to their children. The answer was a resounding no. For many of us this is the case. I would love to be able to at least have the opportunity to provide a career option for my child. There is something to be said when you actually have things to pass along to your children. In my own personal experience, each generation has had to start over. There haven’t been assets passed down to help the next generation get a jump start on life and I personally would like to break that cycle. I’m aware that you can do this with a job too, don’t get me wrong.

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Ultimately, I want to make sure that my kid knows that no matter if someone gives them an opportunity or a job or not, they can make one. It’s important to me for them to know that with the talents and gifts that God has given them, they can always make a way. Yes, the thought was birthed in frustration of constantly dealing with BS when you don’t own something, but it’s no less true. My creativity is constantly challenged when one idea gets run up the flag pole and comes out something completely different on the other end. But this is a constant when you are not in charge.

It’s never been a goal for me to have a huge company with thousands of employees. That’s not where I see my business going. But I do just want the freedom to be in control of my own ideas and to invite collaborators in as I see fit. Even if my kid still decides to get a job, I will support them in that. This is where I am sure Dame Dash and I differ. Though we’re also nothing alike in general I’m sure. Haha. But I will just feel like I can rest well at least knowing that I was able to show them another side. This is a big reason I am in pursuit of entrepreneurial freedom.

What are your thoughts? Are you already thinking about your children’s future whether you have them yet or not? 

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