2016 Colour Conference

After I attended the Colour Conference, it’s like everything that mattered before shifted.

2016 Colour Conference

I had no idea what to expect. I’ve always wanted to attend a large Christian conference but this was the first I’ve been to of this stature. This was the very first year on the 20th Anniversary that Bobbie Houston of Hillsong Church based in Australia brought her Colour Conference to America. Close to 5,000 or so women gathered in Madison Square Garden in NYC full of expectation.

The opening celebration was so much more than I expected. From the lights, to dancers, to the stunning visuals, and I thought to myself, we are really in for something amazing. All week I was praying about just wisdom and understanding and revelation as a result of attending the conference. But I think that sometimes we have no idea how powerful our prayers are. I was literally moved to stillness and so much re-evaluation after the conference which I didn’t expect.

Opening night outside of all of the flashing lights and showmanship, Houston preached a bit about some of the things that will never go out of style including praise for God. It made me think about how so many of us get weary in our fight to do what we’re supposed to do and be who we’re supposed to be. Her words were so reassuring and I was certainly looking forward to what Saturday would have to bring. We received a book memento from the conference that had photos and places to write our reflections from the conference. In addition, Houston gave the whole audience copies of her book the Sisterhood which I can’t wait to dig into.

Sisterhood Bobbie Houston

Ending my night with some of the ladies from my church, I was happy to hop into bed and dive in head first for Saturday’s full day of sessions.

After waking up at the crack of dawn, I was up and ready to receive as we headed to MSG the second day. Kicking off the sessions was DawnCheré Wilkerson. Funny enough as this tiny blonde walked onto the stage with her sweet southern accent, I thought cynically, “Okay, how is this going to go?” And she completely set the tone for the day and knocked my socks off. HAHA! Her message really centered on not being afraid to ask God to say it again. See her example was Moses and the burning bush and how God revealed His whole path for Moses but during multiple times in his journey Moses became uncertain. We all just need to be reassured at times that though we know God always has our best interest at heart, we have to remind ourselves, what did God say about this?

CLICK TO TWEET /// We all just need to be reassured at times that though we know God always has our best interest at heart, we have to remind ourselves, what did God say about this?

When we are down on whether we will actually see our dreams we have to remind ourselves that He who started a great work in us will finish until the coming of Jesus Christ. Or that our gifts will put us before great men. When we have no idea how to pay an unexpected bill, we have to remind ourselves that God is our provider and he supplies all of our needs from his abundant wealth. When we are afraid that our marriages won’t work we have to remind ourselves, that our unions are blessed by God or that our husbands are a gift from Him. See when we are succumbing to the reports of what a doctor has diagnosed, we have to remind ourselves that by his stripes we are healed and whole and that a thousand may fall at our side, ten thousand at our right hand, but it will not come near us.

Her message was so relevant in my life when I know what God has said but I seemingly forget when I am faced with a test or difficult situation. She mentioned that God calls us by name and I believe I heard him beckoning in more ways than one.

God hears us and I think that’s what so many of us are searching to know. To know that he hears us, that he cares for us, and that he loves us with an everlasting love.

So this weekend really showed me that he hears me. Everything was what I needed to hear to really move forward after being slightly overwhelmed by it all the last few weeks.

Following up that message, the day was full of inspiration. Hearing the messages, watching the videos, listening to the stories of real life people, it all came together so beautifully to seriously just make you wonder, what are we really doing here?

It sent me into a shock of wanting to make sure that everything I am doing is impactful. I want to be certain that I am not just spewing out words to make a content schedule deadline. But that everything that happens through WriteLaughDream is intentional and on purpose. Very fitting as I work on my next book which explores those things in love. But nonetheless, the conference completely blew my mind in that way. Not in a way that made me feel like I’ve been doing it all wrong, but in a way that reminded me that I can do more with the platform that I created. And it encouraged me to keep going with the things I have done because they matter. Here we were in the presence of women making a global impact and I saw sooo much power in that.

For the closing we also heard from Christine Caine. Again with Moses as a reference at some point, she fielded great reminders that anything great is built little by little, bit by bit, and step by step. Even the very conference we attended didn’t start out at the 20-year mark. It started with someone who heard from God and answered the call about creating community among women and the power behind that.

CLICK TO TWEET /// Anything great is built little by little, bit by bit, and step by step

Colour Conference

She talked about the important work that God does in us while we think that he should be moving faster. She imparted that sometimes God is taking us the longer way so that he can work things out in us before we get to the destination. Think about it. If God takes us out of bondage but we still have a bondage mentality, how far do we think we will get?

In my own life, among other things, I can see how God has been working on the fruit of the spirit in my life. Helping me to find my value in him and not in anything I can achieve or build or produce on my own. There are things that he has to get out of me before he can pour certain things into me or else they will just be contaminated with the wrong spirit of receiving. It was like I could see it so clearly after the conference.

I also saw where my faith could be stronger. I saw where my prayer life is improving. I saw where God is making certain that I learn how to truly lean into him and depend on him so that when he gives me certain desires of my heart that I don’t somehow think it’s in my own doing.

As corny as it may be, I’m pretty sure the conference changed my life. No, not in a way where I walked out with a million bucks or any of the “Get it” quick ways that we tend to think about things. But it HALTED MY WHOLE OPERATION! I literally had to email my team like, “I need a minute.” I need to regroup. I need to make sure that nothing here is being done for the approval of man but for the approval of God in my life. It’s literally that serious.

I never thought I would be here in my relationship with God. But I am like excited for our time together. I feel like I can see what he is doing in my heart. And I am so confident in this next season that I will really see the blessings of his hand manifest.

Colour Conference fed me spiritually, but it also just showed me what is possible when you stick with the call on your life. It showed me the power of bringing women who love God together. Lord, there were so many young babies in there on fire for God it was inspiring! It showed me patience, yet diligence, and it showed me a glimpse of what’s possible when we really submit ourselves to His will.

CLICK TO TWEET /// It showed me what is possible when you stick with the call on your life

I am a work in progress. But I can feel myself walking a little lighter. I can see myself putting down more of the heavy burdens I’ve been carrying. I can see myself resting a little easier because God is in control. And I can see myself motivating a whole generation of people who want to love harder, write braver, and believe God with their whole hearts, minds, and bodies.

Would I recommend the experience? Absolutely! They are already taking registration for 2017. That there is its own lesson of being ahead of the schedule, getting in front of time and executing at a high level.

*Note this is not an ad or any affiliation. Just sharing an awesome experience and encounter with God with you.