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The Truth About Being Overlooked

You’re working your but off. You are honing your craft. You are putting your heart into whatever it is that you do but then … You hear about an opportunity that you think you would be perfect for, yet they reach out to your colleague instead. You see someone rising steadily while you feel like you’re still trying to figure it out. You remember when no one cared who a person was and all of sudden see them shoot out of the stratosphere. Who hasn’t been there? But I’ve learned a few things about how to combat those feelings of being overlooked.

At the crux of it, I tend to believe that there is no such thing as a missed opportunity. Yes sometimes not listening to our intuition or more importantly the Holy Spirit may delay something that was meant for us. But delayed does not mean denied. Essentially, anything that is meant for you, will be for you. So spending time lusting over the opportunity of someone else is really a waste of time. You can’t clock someone else’s blessings.

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The other thing to think about in the moments when you feel like you may have been overlooked is maybe you are just not good enough, YET. I cannot tell you how many things I have looked at and wanted to be a part of that eventually I was. Just because I thought at that moment I should have been selected for something, didn’t mean that it would never happen. I had to get better. We move with such a sense of entitlement these days that it’s annoying. We think that because we have been writing for two minutes or posting up blogs weekly that all of sudden someone should care or take notice. Building a brand and building your talent takes TIME! I’ve seen things that I wanted to happen pass me by and when I think back on them, I realize I was in no way really, honestly ready for those opportunities.

Have you heard of the 10,000 hour rule? Now I am not saying that every single person who is successful in their field has definitely clocked 10,000 hours, but the people that we tend to think are some type of overnight success most often are not. People have had failed businesses, been dropped from labels, and rejected numerous times before hitting their stride with something that really sticks. Pay respect to their grind and realize that they have probably put a lot of hours in to get there than you think. I joke all the time that Beyonce was not built in a day. I mean come on, Girl Tyme lost on Star Search. Never forget.

Perspective is one of the most important things in life. It’s all in how you look at something. The success of someone else should be a reminder that if God did it for them, he can do it for you too. We are raised to think that there isn’t enough of anything for anyone. So instead of celebrating the successes of others, we react in fear that if they have achieved this thing that no one will care about what it is that we do. That type of thinking is simply false and very small-minded. One person’s success should show you that it can indeed be done. If no one was ever successful in your field, you may start to re-think actually pursuing it. But the fact that there are predecessors, not only shows you the possibility but also gives you a blueprint that you have the ability to approve upon in your own quest.

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We have to stop thinking that anyone owes us anything. Just because we pick up a pen or think we’re witty with good ideas is not enough to will people to give us a chance. I tend to think in the moments when I feel like I was “overlooked” that clearly I just need to work harder or to be better because in my heart I tend to believe that excellence cannot be denied. When you are creating something of quality, that is sincere and authentic, I will never believe that it will continue to go unnoticed. If you are not getting the recognition you think you deserve, I would first and foremost re-evaluate the product.

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You will get your shine, you will get your chance. I promise you that. There is either another lane for you that you’ve been ignoring or you are on the right track and just haven’t gotten there yet. But I guarantee you that God’s plan for your life is better than anything you could have imagined for yourself. I am a person who often envisions myself in spaces or places. I will have seen myself there before I ever was there physically. I don’t know how I will get there or really in what capacity, but I know that vision is not by accident. For me it is God’s assurance that I will get there, I just have to have faith and trust in the journey that has been laid before me.

The truth about being overlooked is that there may be no such thing. Or in the event that there is, you will be seen when the time is right. When you’re ready and when you are working at your top level.

Have you found yourself feeling like your hard work was for naught because of what you perceived as a missed opportunity? Are you in competition with others or working to be the best version of yourself? 

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