5 Things I Know for Sure | Jasmine Williams

Style blogger, Jasmine Williams has a distinctive style that will leave you stunned. Her blog Nai's Vision focuses on things centered around life and style. An inspirational voice that also celebrates women, Jasmine is definitely one to follow. Take a look at the 5 Things She Knows for Sure below! 

Jasmine Williams, Nai’s Vision

  1. Loving Myself Is Not a Crime – It has taken me a very long time to be comfortable in my skin again. I’ll be honest; my current relationship with myself is a result of therapy sessions, encouragement/support from others and being tired of being my worst critic. I figure that I’ve been given this body and this soul for a reason so it is my job to love what I’ve been given. The only crime I’d be committing is the crime of being ashamed of what God decided to give me.
  2. God is Forgiving Even When Others Aren’t – I’ve acknowledged in more ways than one that I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and that my past isn’t squeaky clean. I’ve dealt with being ridiculed for my choices before and I was under the impression that my mistakes were unforgivable. But somehow I am still here and I feel closer to God than I’ve ever felt, mistakes and all. There isn’t any other way that I’d be able to feel the amount of bliss that I do if God wasn’t forgiving.
  3. Life is Full of Wonders – This isn’t to say that negativity or evil doesn’t exist but I know that everyday doesn’t have to be a horrible day now. I know that beautiful things can occur when you least expect it as if God is saying, “I never forget about you”. I’ve learned to trust that blessings can come out of any lesson and that in itself is amazing.
  4. It is Okay to Support Others – I didn’t know this as a teenager but there really is room for everyone to win. I don’t believe that each of us were created to x the other out. Everyone can bring something to the table and I’ve found that supporting others makes me happy as opposed to trying to compete.
  5. What’s Meant For Me Will be For Me – I suppose that this can be considered a continuation of #4 but I now know that there isn’t a need to compete with others because everyone’s path may not be the same. It is fairly easy to judge a person’s life because you are on the outside looking in but we don’t know the ins and outs of someone’s story all of the time. Whatever is meant for me to accomplish or receive in life will reveal itself in due time. Knowing this, life isn’t as complicated as I’ve made it out to be.