5 Things I Know For Sure | Tyece Wilkins

Tyece is the fearless creator of Twenties Unscripted. Her award–winning blog started out as a sounding board for the adventures of a twenty something navigating through life and has slowly evolved into much more. Her words are inspiring but not with any sugar coating. She speaks on the hard work it takes to build a brand, general life experiences and even recently launched an important, multi-faceted piece on The War Against Black Women’s Bodies.

What I love about Tyece’s writing is that she is unapologetic. And although she is still navigating her way through this thing called life, I love how poignant her points were! I think they’ll definitely resonate with you all. Take a look at the 5 Things She Knows for Sure.

Tyece Wilkins, Twenties Unscripted  

1. Life is full of contradictions. This is always my first and absolute truth, the one thing I pull out of my back pocket when people ask my very green 25-year-old self what I know for sure. We arrest ourselves every time we think life is purely black or white, every time we refuse to see the color and complexity of most situations.

2. The Universe always knows before you do. As bright and forward-thinking as I consider myself to be, I can’t count how many times I’ve misjudged a person or situation. Life has a way of always coming full circle, revealing why certain people came into our lives, why others left, why we didn’t get that job or opportunity and why we didn’t get a chance to say that thing that was on the tip of our tongue.

3. Prevention is easier than the cure. My good friend Erica Nichole of EverythingEnJ told me this about a year ago, and it’s a lesson I keep learning the hard way. Sometimes it feels good to play with fire. Sometimes it feels exciting to toy with dangerous situations. But the fall-out can sting for a long time. As much self-discipline as it takes to sometimes walk away from something that you know will be delicious in the short-term, it’s usually always easier than having to clean up your mess.

4. There is not any substitute for hard work. No amount of networking or schmoozing or worrying your way through a situation will replace buckling down and doing the work that’s required.

5. To whom much is given, much is required. Every time I think I am doing something with my life and I want to twerk ferociously out of celebration, I remember that I am only giving back what the Universe has given to me. I have been blessed with family, friends, health, stability, ability and sensibility. I am not doing anything special; I am doing what the cosmos has asked of me.