5 Things I Know For Sure | Saunya Shelise

Saunya Shelise is the creator of The Prayer Project! These 30-day written prayer challenges allow its participants to exercise the power of intercession by praying for others. So far there have been different themes for each month and the latest is coming up in March! Thousands of participants are changing things one month at a time with their petitions to God on behalf of others.

I’m so excited about Saunya taking part and spreading of her words of wisdom in this month’s Growing Into Grace series! Take a look below at the 5 Things She Knows for Sure!

Saunya Shelise, A Love Perfect

1. Everything will be OK. – As simple as that sounds, there are so many days where I feel like life is just too heavy. And I worry…way too much. I think it’s the control freak in me, wanting everything to go the way I plan. But little by little I’m learning to let go and allow God to do as He pleases. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

2. My unique makeup is perfect.So often we find ourselves comparing who we are to others. I used to do it, and still do it at times. There is nothing wrong with admiring others and being inspired, which is really awesome because God gave us each something different, but I’ve grown to know that who I am and what I have inside of me is different than anyone else. There is no comparison. I’m not flawed or imperfect. I was specifically created to contribute what no one else can but me. And that is perfect. 

3. God loves me. Without a doubt I know that I am loved by God. He did the unmatchable – Gave His only Son up to die a cruel and terrible death so that I can have eternal communion with Him! And no matter how much I falter, He pursues my heart every single day. That’s love. 

4. Love heals. – There is a common phrase that people use all the time – “Love hurts”. Love doesn’t hurt. Sin hurts. But because we live in a world where perfect love was tainted by sin, we mistake the world’s definition of what love is for what is real, true, perfect love. True love heals. Love mends. I know this because Jesus showed us this over and over again during His time here on earth. Learning to follow His example has helped me change my perspective on what love really is.

5. I am where I am supposed to be this very moment. -  Even if it doesn’t seem like it. Even if I fight with the season I’m in. I’m learning to trust my journey and all its twists and turns.  I know it is maturing me and preparing me for what is to come.